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Happy Friday Senior Infants

Hello Senior Infants,

Very ‘Happy Friday’ to you all. I hope you had a nice relaxed bank holiday weekend, enjoying the fabulous weather.

I had a lovely long weekend. The weather was so nice, so my family and I went off to the bog to build turf. Maybe some of your parents will remember going to the bog when they were young?! Here are some pictures.






I am delighted to see all the hard work you are doing on your activities on Seesaw. I was really impressed by the lovely activities you did for  ‘Flower Power Week’! Keep up the fantastic work! Ms. Whyte, Ms. Fahey, Ms. Hanlon and Mrs. Condron and I enjoy leaving lovely messages on your wonderful work!

This week, I have been putting together a variety of activities that your child may have-a-go at if it suits. Here is a link to Suggested Activities for Senior Infants.

On Seesaw, I will also upload some activities along with Ms. Whyte, Ms. Fahey, Ms. Hanlon and Mrs. Condron and I hope you enjoy doing them.  If you are having any issues with Seesaw, please contact our HSCL teacher Mr. Donnelly who is always happy to help out when he can!

Keep an eye on the school website for some very exciting activities during the month of June!!

Have a lovely week Senior Infants and enjoy the lovely weather we are having!

Ms Reynolds.

Sports Week!

Hello 5th and 6th class,

The response to Flower Power week was absolutely fantastic well done!  I have shared a few examples of some of the amazing activities you’re doing!

Normally we would be celebrating Sports Day at this time of year! As you all know it is my favourite day!! So as a school this year we are celebrating Sports Week!!! Yes!!!  A whole week of sport, I’m so excited!!!

Sports week activities will be uploaded to See Saw for everyone to enjoy! Photos and videos of Sports Week can be uploaded to See Saw!

Enjoy your week!

Ms. Sweetman