A Splash of Colour with Henri Matisse

The Cut-Out art of Henri Matisse (1869-1954)

This months Art theme is Paint and Colour and 1st Class have being studying the art of French Artist Henri Matisse, who loved colour. When he was old and no longer able to hold a paint brush he began his famous cut-out art, where he cut and arranged pieces of coloured paper in wonderful arrangements. Check out the children’s Matisse inspired creations below.

First Class have their Maths Eyes on this Week

It has been a busy week in First Class and around the entire school with Maths Week. In Mr Smyth’s 1st Class it has been all about Maths. We measured our heights this week, had Maths games in class and a mega Maths Games morning in the hall with parents. In Maths Class we have been looking at categorising and sorting objects and in PE we even had our Maths eyes on with an Orientation activity. Its been Maths all round. Check out the pictures below! Later in the week we will survey another class about how they get to school for our geography lesson and make graphs of the results.

Maths Week 2019 is here!!!

This week sees St. Gabriel’s take part in another Maths Week Ireland.  The children will be having a great time taking part in extra fun Maths lessons, Maths trails around the school and in the Phoenix Park, practising using their ‘Maths Eyes’ all around and also the older children will be taking part in the Tables Champion competition.

Our Maths Games Extravaganza will take place on Wednesday 16th at 9am in the PE hall and we welcome all family members who are free to come along and take part in what is always a fantastic event.

For more information on events taking place see www.mathsweek.ie/2019/

Painting Autumnal Colours

Here is a Recount piece of writing by 1st Class about our afternoon yesterday.

Painting Autumnal Colours

Yesterday, our class did some painting in class.

First we put on some painting bibs, got paint, brushes and paper ready and we mixed different colours together to make new colours.

Next we painting these new colours on our pages.

After that, we painted some leaves using autumn colours- yellow, brown, red and orange.

In the end, we left the painting dry, tidied up, washed our hands and took our bibs off.

That was the best day ever!

Maths for fun !

With Maths Week fast approaching the children in 5th and 6th have really enjoyed learning some new Maths Games. Today they learned how to play Salute!

The children play in groups of three. One pupil is nominated as the dealer and deals the other two pupils a card face down. When the dealer calls ‘Salute’ the pupils place their card on their forehead without looking at it. The dealer then calls out the sum of the two cards and the pupils have to try and guess their card.