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Online Activities for your Children at Home

Please note: For internet based activities please ensure your children are supervised while accessing the internet.

Other useful links:

School Update 26th March 2020

Social and Physical Distancing

Tips to Stay Well

St. Gabriel’s Supports Flags for Frontline Heroes


School Update 26th March 2020


Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope this message finds you and your family well in a very uncertain time and by now most of you will have had a phone call from Mike our HSCL. We are glad that you finding the links on the school website useful.

From Friday March 27th there will be specific homework going up on the website for each class and also for children who attend additional classes with our Support Teachers in so far as possible. This is a menu that you can choose from if you wish. However, many of you have indicated that you have your own learning routine going using the opportunity to play, bake, do yoga, arts & crafts, reading stories and poetry and writing your own, writing letters, keeping a diary, going on nature walks, etc. and this is also fine.

We understand that at this time there are many stresses in different households. Many of you will be trying to work from home, some of you may find yourselves suddenly out of work, some of you may have someone self-isolating or waiting to be tested, some of you are caring for elderly family members or have news of sick family members abroad so the advice would be to just do what you can to keep a link with school going. You could tell your child their teacher sent them some work to do as this may be encouraging for them and a different voice. As a parent with my husband still working outside the home I am finding the whole situation extremely challenging. Take it day by day and do not fight over school work as we have a lot more to be concerned about.

There is a lot of talk in the media about home schooling which is adding unnecessary stress to us all.  You are not expected to home school but you can do some school related work with your child. It is important more than ever that your child feels loved and secure and this experience will build resilience in us all.

After Easter if we find ourselves still at home then we as a staff will come up with ways of working more closely with you over the phone and online as well as getting books and copies out to you under the guidance of the HSE. Rest assured we will do whatever it takes in the coming weeks to support the continued learning of your child.

If you have any feedback in relation to how we can support you and your child to continue to learn or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me or call our HSCL Mike Donnelly on the HSCL number 085 187 1173.

This is a very uncertain time so more important than anything is that we stay at home and bond with our children. We will be watching more TV and playing computer games but we will also be going on walks, baking, playing games and talking to each other. We have time to spend with our children and once they are happy and secure that is what matters. Learning through play is so valuable.

Keep your eye on the website as we will add to it in the coming weeks.

Please see following link on Social Distancing:

Stay Safe & Best Wishes

Suzanne Comerford

Tips to stay well


Dear parents and guardians,

We hope you and yours are well. We appreciate this is a difficult time for you as parents. With this in mind, please find links to some resources and tips below which deal with general parenting, coping with your children and minding yourself during this period. Our own personal and mental health and wellbeing can sometimes be the last thing parents think of; it is now more important than ever.  Trying to keep a routine for yourself as well as your children can help. Don’t forget to stay in touch with family and friends by phone or social media; the right kind of social contact can benefit everyone at this time.  Continue reading

Hello Again!

Hello my friends. How are you all today? Well, I hope! The last week went very quickly. I hope that you were all getting outside into the fresh air as well as having lots of fun indoors playing and doing some school activities. I’ve added some new links here if you want to hear more stories or keep playing your games.

Happy Easter to you and your family!


Please don’t forget that when we are playing we are also learning a lot of new things.  You may not have all the toys in your house that our Aistear Playroom in school has but you can still create you own play area.  Using your imagination you could play at the following things:

  • the hairdresser – write out a price list for your customers
  • the dentist – make some posters to tell people how to keep their teeth healthy
  • a cafe/restaurant – make a colourful menu.  Write down the customers’ orders
  • the school – you be the teacher and give your family some homework!
  • the optician – make an eye chart with letters of the alphabet to test your family’s eyesight
  • the bakery – what kind of breads and pastries do you sell? Make some advertising posters and a price list
  • a supermarket – encourage your shoppers to make a shopping list and tick off each thing as they find it

The most important thing to remember is to have fun!


Over the next few days you might want to make some Easter cards for family and friends or you might just want to draw some pictures of the Easter bunny to decorate your house.  My niece Jessica (6) showed me a really good website that teaches you to draw pictures step by step.  She drew these pictures using the website and she said it was really easy.  I’ll put the link on my padlet as well.


I hope you have been practising your Bumblebee Breath as you go about your day.  You could also try humming a song and ask your parents or brothers and sisters to guess which song it is.  The only problem with this is that if you start laughing, it’s really hard to hum. Try it!

Last week we talked about the Mountain pose and the Down Dog.  This week we have the Triangle pose.  Start with your feet wide apart making a triangle with your legs.  Stretch your arms straight out from the sides of your body and turn your toes on one foot to point the same way as your arm.  Now stretch over and bring one hand down to your ankle to make more triangles.  Repeat on the other side.  Don’t forget to breathe!!                                                                                                 The Cat pose is another one that I think most of you already know.  Kneel down on all fours like a cat (hands under shoulders and knees under hips).  Now breathe in and lift up your head as your back arches.  Breathe out and make your back round while looking at your belly button.  Now start to stretch like a cat to see how it feels.  Are you a pet cat or a wild lion or tiger?



Hello everybody,

Have you ever heard of Easter Island? It is an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is also known as Rapa Nui. It was named Easter Island by Dutch explorers who landed there on Easter Sunday in 1722. When they arrived, they discovered over 800 giant statues and almost no people. This was strange, since the small number of people on the island couldn’t possibly have built these statues – it would have taken a much larger civilization. If you would like to see the giant statues and find out more about the island, here are some links below. Maybe you would like to write a Report about it or maybe you would like to give some suggestions about what you think might have happened to all the people who lived there. Or maybe you would like to do an Art project – you could draw or paint pictures of the giant statues or you could try making them from cereal boxes.


Here are some games you can play without using your devices – you just need each other.

Here are some animal friends to cheer you up if you are missing your friends.

Everybody knows about the Easter Bunny, but do you know anything about the Jack Rabbit?

Have you ever tried drawing a Celtic Knot? Here are some lessons where you can experiment with different patterns and colour.

Don’t forget – please make sure you are supervised by an adult when you are using the internet. Wishing you all a very Happy Easter Holiday. Be kind to each other and don’t forget to help the adults in your house.

Take care,

Ms O’Leary

Check in from Ms Dunne

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are all well, washing your hands and staying at home. I have been very busy in Cork with my family helping on the farm with all the baby animals that have just been born.

I have also been baking and reading more which has been enjoyable. As it is nearing Easter I have given you suggestions on some fun Easter activities to do such as an Easter Egg hunt, a science experiment and a fun quiz.

Hope you enjoy them and have a lovely Easter. From: Ms. Dunne.

Fun quiz

Bouncing Egg Experiment

Easter Bunny Egg Hunt