Creative Writing in action in 4th/5th Class

This month our focus in Literacy Hour in writing is on Narrative Writing. We have studied the character Mr. Twit from Roald Dahl’s classic story.

The pupils have created their own imaginative “nasty” character and are writing their own creative story around the character.

Check out the wonderful characters they have created Literacy Hour and brought to life with fabric and fibre in Art Class. Well done!

St Gabriel’s NS visit Design Hub in Dublin Castle

Mr Smyth’s Class recently visited the Design Hub in Dublin Castle for a special tour of the exhibition and a workshop in construction. Check out the pictures below.

Christmas Poem


By Luke

Click your fingers Santa’s coming,

Here’s the time for Christmas humming,

Reindeer through the snow are running,

Its the Christmas joy,

Tonight we get a Christmas toy,

Santa Claus is filled with joy,

Mums and Dads are happy tonight,

All of us cheer tonight,

Santa Claus is coming tonight!

The answer is Blowing in the Wind

This month 4th/5th Class have been learning about Wind: Where wind comes from and how wind is measured.

We have studied the work of Francis Beaufort from County Meath who invented the Beaufort Scale for measuring wind speed.

We have built our own Wind Gauges or Anemometers. We are collecting our results over a few days to see how the wind speed changes.

Ancient Egypt

Mr Smyth’s Class are studying about Ancient Egypt.
Check out more about Ancient Egypt here on this website about its timeline:

Learn about the Egyptian Gods here:

Learn more about the River Nile here:

Poles Apart!

Today 4th/5th class were learning about Magnetism and the greatest magnet of all- Planet Earth. Check out the experiment they designed themselves to make their own compass using only a basin, some water, a plastic tray and a bar magnet. With it they showed how the north pole of the magnet will always move to the direction of the earth magnetic north.You can read more about Magnets HERE: