Circle Printing

In the Sunshine room we used circular objects (toilet roll holders, yogurt cartons, bottle lids) dipped in paint to print circle pictures.

The Rainbow Fish

In the Sunshine room we read the story The Rainbow Fish.
In art we made the Rainbow Fish by printing the scales of the fish using celery dipped in paint.

Halloween Art

In the Sunshine room this week we have been doing Halloween art.
We used our fingerprints to make the outline of bats.
We used our hands to print spiders on paper plates and then threaded twine around to make spider webs.
We used toilet rolls cut up and dipped in paint to print more spiders.

Autumn art

In the Sunshine room we looked at autumn colours and made some autumn trees. We made the leaves using three different methods.
First we used dish brushes dipped in paint.
Next we used our own fingerprints.
Last of all we tore up yellow, red, orange and brown paper and glued them onto the trees.

Autumn Collage

In the Sunshine room we made autumn collages from the beautiful autumn leaves and twigs we collected in the park.

Recycle Magic!

Last week a magician visited St. Gabriel’s with a special message about recycling.
He taught us the recycle rap – “Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! Yo!”

More from our Poetry Recital

Here are some more photos from our poetry recital last week.
Miss Comerford would like to take this opportunity to praise both pupils and teachers for all their hard work this academic year. The creative writing skills of the children are being developed to such a high standard. Well done everyone!!


Proclamation Day in St. Gabriel’s N.S.

‘Proclamation Day’ took place on Tuesday March 15th. This was the day when every school in the country was invited to share the results of their Proclamation for a New Generation. Here in St.Gabriel’s National School  the students did not disappoint! So much so that Aughrim Street Credit Union requested a copy which is currently on display for all members of the community to see. The many prominent members of the community that attended on the day believe that what the children had to say was worthy on many levels. There are lessons to be learned from what they have highlighted as the burning issues for 2016 and their generation.

In the morning a very special concert took place celebrating all things Irish from storytelling to song and poetry in the school hall. Some of our Irish Dancers performed in their beautiful costumes. There was also a presentation from our Senior Classes celebrating the Leaders of 1916.

The Ceremony itself was led by Ms McLoone and two army representatives, John and Paul. They came  from McKee Barracks and performed the official flag raising on the day dressed in full attire. They were accompanied by a bagpipe player and the stars of the day, Keelagh and Darcy. Keelagh and Darcy are two Irish Wolfhounds who are well used to official ceremonies. Keelagh  led the Dublin Fire Brigade in this year’ s St.Patrick’s Day Parade and has even met the Queen! The children and adults were all very excited to have a meet and greet with them after the official proceedings! Ms Comerford read the original Proclamation while Daniel was selected to read the Proclamation for a New Generation. Our youngest student Aryan presented the flag to the soldiers for raising.

We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to past pupil Séamus Stone and his community team of workers and local businesses that have been working tirelessly to provide us with the funding and the man power for a flagpole and various additions to our school grounds in preparation for this special day. Without Seamus this day just would not have run to the same level. We would also like to thank our caretaker Andrew Martin for all of his involvement on the day and in the lead up to it. Aughrim Street Credit Union have been extremely generous and provided us with a plaque to commemorate our special day. It is wonderful to be part of the Stoneybatter Community at this very important time in history.