Junior Infants 11th January 2021

Dear Parents / Guardians,

We hope you are all well and are feeling positive about the weeks ahead. We understand that this may be the first time for many of you to have to face into engaging with schooling from home. We hope to make it as uncomplicated as possible by providing a variety of activities each week. We do not expect you to complete everything that is suggested as we understand that these are exceptional times and each of us have different challenges to contend with at home. Please pick and choose to do whichever activities are best suited to your own situation. Some of you may prefer hands-on or worksheet/paper activities compared to the online activities or vice-versa. Approach them at a pace that suits you and your child. Continue reading

Stay Safe Catch-up

Stay Safe Lesson Catch-up

In January 2020 teachers began teaching the Stay Safe Programme at all class levels. The school closures in March meant that teachers were unable to introduce all topics of the programme to children. The Department of Education has advised all schools to complete the teaching of the programme during this school year. In St. Gabriel’s N.S. teachers from senior infants to sixth class will teach the remainder of the programme to pupils between now and Christmas.

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Fire Safety Week

This week in St. Gabriel’s N.S. we are all learning about fire safety.

We are looking at how we can be extra careful in our homes and school to prevent a fire from beginning. We are learning what to do if ever there was a fire in our school or at home. We will practise our fire drill in school and we hope you will chat about what to do in the case of a fire at home.

Some things to remember are:


We’re also learning what to do if our clothes caught fire.

We’re learning to stop, drop and roll.

Many classes will learn about how Dublin Fire Brigade are always there to help us. We will look at the work they do, the uniforms they wear and the equipment they need to do their jobs.

Halloween is a time when we need to be extra careful about fire as we may come across candles, costumes, fireworks and bonfires. We hope that learning about fire safety will ensure that we all keep extra safe this Halloween and in the future.

Good Friends Week 2020

Good Friends Week

7th 11th September 2020


After an extra-long, unforeseen school closure, children, parents, teachers and staff are so delighted to be back in school this September. Although many aspects of school life are different, the first few days of school in St. Gabriel’s have gone very smoothly due to the cooperation of the whole school community. Thank you all. Every September we love to focus on a theme for Good Friends Week. This year our theme is ‘Be Respectful’.

Parents deserve huge respect for the way you have made adjustments to how we approach school life. You have shown respect for the new routines that we are all getting used to, especially at morning drop-offs and home-time collections. This all contributes to the safe, secure and happy return to school.

This year, more than ever, to be a good friend to those around us, being respectful is of great importance; respectful of space, respectful of belongings, respectful of ideas and opinions. This week, classes will explore, learn about and practise lots of ways in which we can be respectful. Pupils will be given the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions around the topic of respect in order to promote the wellbeing of all in our school.

Pupils have impressed us so much already by displaying wonderful respect for the new school rules and routines. Although it may be a challenge to stay within their own pods and bubbles, the pupils of St. Gabriel’s are respecting the notion of staying together by keeping apart. Well done boys and girls! You are amazing!

 We will continue to encourage this wonderful display of respect during Good Friends Week and throughout our school year ahead.

Well Done Junior Infants

Hello girls and boys in Junior Infants,

Well done for reaching the end of the school year. I am so proud of you all. You have all been so busy and active during the last few months. I have been amazed to hear about and see all the fantastic things you have been getting up to at home. You have all been keeping safe, remembering to wash your hands and have been behaving so well for your families. I really loved being your teacher. We worked hard and had lots of fun in Junior Infants. I have missed seeing you all in school but I’m already looking forward to seeing you in St. Gabriel’s in September. There are lots of fun times ahead for us when we return to school. Thanks so much to your parents for all your cooperation since September.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer break.

See you all in September,

From Ms. Leonard. x

P.S. Here’s a recording of the song that Junior Infants were due to perform at assembly for you all before the schools closed in March. Perhaps your child can perform for you at home to finish up the school year!   Click here for The Mountain Song.