Hello Again!

Hello my friends. How are you all today? Well, I hope! The last week went very quickly. I hope that you were all getting outside into the fresh air as well as having lots of fun indoors playing and doing some school activities. I’ve added some new links here if you want to hear more stories or keep playing your games. https://padlet.com/faheymairead/5srjmewuml22

Happy Easter to you and your family!


Please don’t forget that when we are playing we are also learning a lot of new things.  You may not have all the toys in your house that our Aistear Playroom in school has but you can still create you own play area.  Using your imagination you could play at the following things:

  • the hairdresser – write out a price list for your customers
  • the dentist – make some posters to tell people how to keep their teeth healthy
  • a cafe/restaurant – make a colourful menu.  Write down the customers’ orders
  • the school – you be the teacher and give your family some homework!
  • the optician – make an eye chart with letters of the alphabet to test your family’s eyesight
  • the bakery – what kind of breads and pastries do you sell? Make some advertising posters and a price list
  • a supermarket – encourage your shoppers to make a shopping list and tick off each thing as they find it

The most important thing to remember is to have fun!


Over the next few days you might want to make some Easter cards for family and friends or you might just want to draw some pictures of the Easter bunny to decorate your house.  My niece Jessica (6) showed me a really good website that teaches you to draw pictures step by step.  She drew these pictures using the website and she said it was really easy.  I’ll put the link on my padlet as well.




I hope you have been practising your Bumblebee Breath as you go about your day.  You could also try humming a song and ask your parents or brothers and sisters to guess which song it is.  The only problem with this is that if you start laughing, it’s really hard to hum. Try it!

Last week we talked about the Mountain pose and the Down Dog.  This week we have the Triangle pose.  Start with your feet wide apart making a triangle with your legs.  Stretch your arms straight out from the sides of your body and turn your toes on one foot to point the same way as your arm.  Now stretch over and bring one hand down to your ankle to make more triangles.  Repeat on the other side.  Don’t forget to breathe!!                                                                                                 The Cat pose is another one that I think most of you already know.  Kneel down on all fours like a cat (hands under shoulders and knees under hips).  Now breathe in and lift up your head as your back arches.  Breathe out and make your back round while looking at your belly button.  Now start to stretch like a cat to see how it feels.  Are you a pet cat or a wild lion or tiger?



Ms. Fahey’s Activities

Hello to everyone!  I’m sure you are all missing school as much as your friends and teachers are missing you.  Even though we are in our own homes, sometimes we can all find it hard to relax so it’s really important that we do some things to help us feel better.  Bees hum all day as they fly around visiting flowers and making honey.  Using your Bumblebee Breath, think of things that make you happy!  Wherever you are – playing or resting – breathe in fully and as you breathe out close your lips to hum like a bee.  Make sure your face and lips are soft so you can feel your lips tickle.  Repeat for as long as you like!

Online Activities

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Stories Shared for World Book Day

World Book Day celebrations in St. Gabriel’s reached peak excitement today with a number of activities including a Book Trail and the Where’s Wally? Challenge.

The largest event that took place was Share a Story and we were very lucky to have some parents and guardians who came to the school to share a story with all the children.

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Reminder: Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent and Teacher meetings will take place on Thursday 14th and Thursday 21st of November for children from Junior Infants to Sixth Class.  The class teachers and support staff are looking forward to meeting with parents and guardians to discuss all the progress that the children have made so far.  If you are unable to attend these meetings, please let your child’s teacher know so that a meeting can be arranged for another date.

The children from 1st to 6th Class will finish school at the earlier time of 2:15pm on Thursday 14th November only.

Maths Week 2019 is here!!!

This week sees St. Gabriel’s take part in another Maths Week Ireland.  The children will be having a great time taking part in extra fun Maths lessons, Maths trails around the school and in the Phoenix Park, practising using their ‘Maths Eyes’ all around and also the older children will be taking part in the Tables Champion competition.

Our Maths Games Extravaganza will take place on Wednesday 16th at 9am in the PE hall and we welcome all family members who are free to come along and take part in what is always a fantastic event.

For more information on events taking place see www.mathsweek.ie/2019/