Maths Games are back again!

We’re delighted that Maths Games are going on again in two classes.

Mr. Smyth’s 1st class, and Miss Walshe’s 3rd/4th class have already enjoyed two afternoons of Maths Games and there has been lots of parents in to help out and enjoy the fun in both classes.

There are two weeks of Maths Games left for these classes before the Easter break. We hope to see more parents in over the next few weeks.

Question of the Week

Each day Mr Smyth’s Class catch up with what is happening around the world by watching News2Day on RTE2. Every week the show poses a “Question of the Week”.

This week’s Question is: “What makes a good school?”

Here is the answer from 1st Class, which we emailed into the News2Day show. We hope they read it out! Check out their answer below….

We believe there are many things that make a good school. We believe our school is great school. We have new and exciting yard games, we all encourage good friendships between pupils and have “friendship keepers” in our senior classes. We do exciting art in class, we use computer tablets in our reading hour. Each week we visit our school library with our parents. Finally, we plant watercress and peas in class and we have a beautiful school garden outside. We love our school!

Springtime Growth

Mr Smyth’s Class have begun planting some Water Cress as part of the Big Grow Programme.

It’s the beginning of Spring, February 1st Imbolc- Celtic Spring, (although Meteorologists would have Spring as starting March 1st and Astronomers on March 20th- depends on your perspective!) and it’s a time of growth! Days are getting longer and brighter and the world is springing back into life after the Winter.

Check out the pictures of the class planting Watercress. Check back later for updates on the growth. Next week we plan to plant Peas and the next week, Spinach.

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Clay-tastic work in First Class

This month in Mr Smyth’s First Class we have being working with clay.

The children worked on creating Pinch Pots with clay, adding their own patterns and designs on the outside and then painting the pots when they had dried. Click HERE to learn more about the process.