School tracksuit days

Dear parents/guardians,

Please note that your child should wear the school tracksuit on the following days only:

  • Ms. Leonard’s class: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Ms. Flahive’s class: Monday, Tuesday, Friday
  • Ms. O Dowd’s class: Monday, Tuesday
  • Ms. Bartley’s class: Tuesday, Thursday
  • Ms. Fitzpatrick’s class: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Mr. Smyth’s class: Thursday
  • Ms. Sweetman’s class: Monday, Thursday
  • Sunshine class: Tuesday, Thursday

Children should wear full school uniform otherwise.

Thank you!

Exciting STEM Microscope Workshop in Mr Smyth’s 3rd and 4th Class

On Thursday 19th May, the children in Mr Smyth’s 3rd/4th Class took part in a Microscopy Science Workshop organised by Technological University Dublin (TUD), Grangegorman.

This workshop was designed to introduce students to the wonders of the microscopic word and the use of a microscope whilst at the same time harnessing their own curiosity and creativity to start thinking like a scientist. Many thanks to scientist Ana, a toxicologist and Ian from TUD, Grangegorman for an amazing morning!

St. Gabriel’s National School is the best school in Ireland!

The following is a beautiful piece of persuasive writing by Third and Fourth Class.

In 3rd and 4th class we strongly believe that St. Gabriel’s National School is the best school in Ireland!

Listen up and let us tell you why…

 Firstly, there is a kind, fun and inclusive atmosphere throughout our school. All languages and nationalities are welcome. Everyone’s individual home language and cultures are celebrated.

Secondly, our school has so much history! Did you know it first opened in 1895? It once was a separate boys’ and girls’ school, but in 1996 it became a mixed school. We have classes from junior infants to sixth class so there is a place for everyone.

Thirdly, we have many amazing sport and after school activities and clubs in our fantastic school, such as Spanish class, football, GAA, boxing, dance and so much more. We like to play different games during yard time too. It gets competitive but it’s just good fun. Some of us like to bring our pencils and paper to draw while outside on the yard. There’s something for everyone!

Not only that … in St. Gabriel’s National school, we go on the BEST educational and fun trips with our friends, teachers and SNAs. We’ve been to places such as Dublin Zoo, the Phoenix Park, Grangegorman, the farm and most recently the National History Museum of Ireland in Collin’s Barracks. It was brilliant! We are so lucky!

Finally, our school is a place for friendship, art, sports, languages, fun and adventure! To find out more please visit our school website ‘’.

Make lots of new friends and don’t miss out, enroll today!

Senior Classes Class visit Collins Barracks Museum

Today 3rd-6th Classes visited Collins Barracks Museum.

We had a guided trip to see the “Little Houses” exhibition in which pupils in the class had participated in creating.

We got a short talk on the history of the museum itself and its military past.

Afterwards, we visited the “Clothes We Wore” exhibition of clothing in Ireland over the past 250 years. We also visited the “Soldiers and Chieftans” exhibition.