Stay Safe Catch-up

Stay Safe Lesson Catch-up

In January 2020 teachers began teaching the Stay Safe Programme at all class levels. The school closures in March meant that teachers were unable to introduce all topics of the programme to children. The Department of Education has advised all schools to complete the teaching of the programme during this school year. In St. Gabriel’s N.S. teachers from senior infants to sixth class will teach the remainder of the programme to pupils between now and Christmas.

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Parent Teacher Meetings update

Usually at this time of year we would be preparing to welcome all our Parents and Guardians into the school for our annual Parent Teacher Meetings.  These meetings are always a positive way to involve everyone in the learning of the children of St. Gabriel’s NS. 

Unfortunately this year we will have to postpone these meetings to a later date in the school year due to the Covid-19 crisis.  Until then – as always – teachers will contact parents if there is anything of an urgent matter that needs to be discussed about your child’s needs.  Class teachers can also be contacted by email if you have any queries about your child’s learning.

Thank you again for your continuing co-operation during these unusual times.

Happy Hallowe’en!

Wishing all the pupils and families of St. Gabriel’s NS a Happy Hallowe’en and a relaxing and safe mid-term break.
Today there were lots of spooky goings-on all around the school with witches, werewolves, dinosaurs(!) and skeletons spotted everywhere and even a gruesome magic show thrown in for good measure! Happy Hallowe’en!

Fire Safety Week

This week in St. Gabriel’s N.S. we are all learning about fire safety.

We are looking at how we can be extra careful in our homes and school to prevent a fire from beginning. We are learning what to do if ever there was a fire in our school or at home. We will practise our fire drill in school and we hope you will chat about what to do in the case of a fire at home.

Some things to remember are:


We’re also learning what to do if our clothes caught fire.

We’re learning to stop, drop and roll.

Many classes will learn about how Dublin Fire Brigade are always there to help us. We will look at the work they do, the uniforms they wear and the equipment they need to do their jobs.

Halloween is a time when we need to be extra careful about fire as we may come across candles, costumes, fireworks and bonfires. We hope that learning about fire safety will ensure that we all keep extra safe this Halloween and in the future.

It’s Maths Week!!

It’s that time of year again!  This week in St. Gabriel’s NS the pupils will be joining thousands of other children around the country in celebrating Maths Week Ireland 2020.  Visit for information on activities and events taking place and for ideas for Maths activities to take part in at home.

Every year at this time we organise a number of events and activities throughout the school, also making sure Maths lessons for the week take on a ‘fun’ aspect.  While this year we are so disappointed that we cannot have our Maths Games Extravaganza with all the parents involved, we are still going to have a busy week with other activities that will be taking place in a different way that is safe for these times.  We hope to have outdoor Maths Trails for all ages, both around the school and in the Phoenix Park. 


For these trails we will be ‘putting on our Maths Eyes’, where we look at everyday objects in our surroundings in a new way and see how they might be connected to Maths.  This is something that the children can do themselves on the way to school, at home and anywhere in the local community.  

There will also be lots of games and some competitions for the children to take part in within their own classes where they will be working together and individually to problem solve and talk about different areas of Maths.  Wishing everyone a Happy and Busy Maths Week 2020!