Dual Language work for Intercultural Week

Running alongside our Intercultural Football Competition in the school, children from 1st to 6th Classes worked together in language groups on promotional posters for the competition in both English and other languages such as Polish and Romanian.

It was fantastic to see the children across the school work collaboratively through the various languages on their posters. The posters will be displayed throughout the school for the week.

Well done all! Bravo tuturor! Dobra robota! Maith sibh gach duine!

3rd Class Engineering Workshop

3rd Class took part in an engineering workshop in TU Dublin recently. They looked at examples of engineering used by the Roman Empire for building bridges and arches. In groups they worked on building their own arches using a keystone. Finally everyone created catapults and competed to see who could launch their pompom the farthest.

Reading Fun with New Friends

Junior Infants and 3rd Class recently came together for some Buddy Reading time. They shared some interesting, funny and exciting stories and made new friends along the way!

With World Book Day coming up on March 7th, the children in St. Gabriel’s NS will be looking forward to even more shared reading time together.