Art Week by the Sunshine Class

Congratulations to Yasmin who won the art competition during Art Week! Thank you to Mrs. Condron, Ms. Hanlon and Ms. Fitzpatrick for organising the lovely art activities last week. Well done to all the talented artists in the Sunshine Class. I have thoroughly enjoyed your creations during the year. From construction to clay and printing to painting you have all been amazing. Have a look at the beautiful collages of work below. You are all fantastic!!

Sports Week with the Sunshine Class

Well done to the pupils from the Sunshine Class who were all very active last week during Sports Week! As you can see from the photos the children were busy swimming, walking, cycling, jumping on a trampoline, riding on a flicker and even riding on a pony! They enjoyed delicious picnics after their activities! I’m very proud of you all!!

Pancake Tuesday

The pupils in the Sunshine Room were busy making pancakes today to celebrate Pancake Tuesday. They helped crack the eggs, pour the milk and sieve the flour. They made the tastiest batter in Stoneybatter! When the pancakes were cooked they had a choice between butter, sugar, lemon juice and chocolate spread to make them even tastier. Great job guys! Continue reading