The Enormous Crocodile

Check out the artwork of 3rd and 4th Class. They have been learning about Quentin Blake- the artist for many of Roald Dahl’s books. Here they recreated a picture of the Enormous Crocodile from the story of the same name.

Artist of the Month in 3rd and 4th Class

This Month’s Artist of the Month in Mr Smyth’s Class is Quentin Blake. The children have been looking at his work in his first collaboration with Roald Dahl in 1978- The Enormous Crocodile. The children have been discussing their feelings about a piece of his work and they have been sticking up little notes around the image with words and emojis to express how they feel about it. Today they began drawing their own version of the picture. Come back again soon to see their finished work!

You can read more about the artist here:

Art: Drawing in 3rd & 4th Class

Using the Poem “Accidentally” by Maine W. Kumin, the children used mirrors to examine what their faces look like when they yawn and then they created the most amazing drawings of their yawning faces. Check out our Art display of their work!

Click on the image to view larger image…

St. Gabriel’s FUN-draising Day!

We had an amazing Fun Day in St. Gabriel’s NS this year as part of our fundraising initiatives.  All the children could wear their own clothes for the No Uniform Day and this started off the party atmosphere!  Throughout the day everyone got to take part in Party Games, Playground Games and an Outdoor Disco where DJ (Mr) Donnelly had the whole school up and dancing.  All of these activities were topped off with a visit from the Ice-Cream Van.  What a fantastic day we all had!

Thank you to everyone who has returned their donation envelopes already and there is still time to send it back for anyone who has not had the chance yet.