Easter Activities from Ms Hanlon and Ms Condron

Hello children,

We hope that you and your families are keeping well. Hopefully you are enjoying the extra hour of daylight in the evenings. It’s good to get outside when you can. Please remember to include lots of playing in your days! We would also love for you to try some of these activities during the next two weeks.

Take care,

Ms.Hanlon and Mrs. Condron

Senior Infants

Please practise vocabulary and phrases associated with Easter, spring and animals

Here are some cartoons made specifically for learning new words and phrases:





Here are some word games to learn and practise vocabulary:






1st and 2nd Class

Atlas skills:

Find these countries in an Atlas or online:

  • Burkina Faso
  • Lithuania
  • Argentina
  • Uzbekistan
  • Greenland

Can you find out which continent each of these countries are in?

Draw and colour the flag of two of those countries

Countdown Challenge

  • What is the longest word you can make using these letters?
  • How many short words can you make?

o k r i h s m a f

Start a project!

Over the next few weeks, you could work on a project about a famous person who you are very interested in. They could be a famous person from the past or from today. You could look up some interesting facts about them and perhaps write about why you are interested in them. Headings could include:

  • Their name
  • When they were born
  • Where they are from
  • What they are famous for
  • Any other interesting facts or information about them
  • You could draw a picture of them

Please save your work carefully. We really look forward to seeing it and talking all about it soon!

Please note: For internet based activities please ensure your children are supervised while accessing the internet.

Work for Children from Mr Smyth’s Class

Hello children,

We hope you are all well!

We would love for you to continue working on some of the tasks that we have been doing together.

Best wishes,

Ms. Condron and Ms. Hanlon

Atlas Skills:

Choose 5 countries that you would like to visit.

  • Find them on a map.
  • Draw their flag.
  • List what are the main languages spoken in this country.
  • Name their capital city.

Countdown Challenge:

  • What is the longest word you can make using these letters?
  • How many short words can you make?
s p o e y n a j m


General Knowledge:

  • Choose an animal you are interested in.
  • Try to find an interesting fact you didn’t know about this animal before.

Maths Week 2015 is Here!

Maths Week 2015 is currently underway in St. Gabriel’s N.S. and around the island of Ireland!  We have many activities taking place during the week from Maths Trails to the Times Tables Tournament among other events.  We need  as many parents as possible to come and take part in our Maths Games Extravaganza this Wednesday 14th October.  All the children from Junior Infants to 6th Class will come together in the P.E. Hall at 9 am to play a number of Maths games that include topics such as Number, Shape and Space, Fractions, Time etc.  Please let us know if you can come and be a part of Maths Week 2015 and an event that our pupils gain a lot from every year!

Maths Week 2015

The pupils and teachers of St. Gabriel’s will be celebrating national Maths Week 2015 from the 12th to the 16th of October.  As well as making Maths lessons extra fun every day that week, a number of events will also take place throughout the school, with pupils from Junior Infants to 6th Class taking part.  During the week there will be different Maths Trails taking place around the school and in the Phoenix Park.  The children from 1st Class to 6th Class will be vying for a spot in the Tables Championship finals on Thursday.  On Wednesday at 9 am, every pupil in the school will take part in a Maths Games Extravaganza in the P.E. Hall and we look forward to seeing as many parents as possible taking part in this fantastic event.  For more information on Maths Week Ireland check out www.mathsweek.ie.