Learning about capacity in 5th/6th class

Today, Miss O’Loughlin’s class had great fun in maths, estimating and measuring the capacity of bottles, cups and also a a 16 litre bucket.

We found out how much a mini-cup measures – which is 200ml. We found the maximum capacity of a kettle was 1.7 litres….but….after we filled the kettle up to the top, guess what happened?…… The water started to leak out of the kettle!! We had put 2700ml in….that was a whole litre too much!

Then we measured the capacity of the carton of milk and that one was 190ml. Teacher’s water bottle holds 750ml.

Finally the bucket – everyone of the children got to fill the bucket! It was great fun and we really enjoyed doing it!

Final week of One World Cup Soccer Competition

Final week!! Welcome back- and so begins the final week. Friday saw the final matches of the group stages being played. There was huge excitement as these matches decided who might make the semi finals.

In Group 1, Ireland took on Lithuania. A win for Ireland would see them through to the semi-finals with Lithuania only needing a draw to progress. The atmosphere was tense but in the end Lithuania did enough to win the tie and push ahead of Ireland. In the second game the hard work of Ronald Krok saw Benin beat Romania and leap frog Ireland to claim second place. So after 3 matches Lithuania top the group and go on to contest the semi-finals on Tuesday with Benin’s impressive victory ensuring they claim second spot.

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Sixth Class celebrate Confirmation

Well done to the children of 6th Class who celebrated their Confirmation day on March 14th.  The children had a wonderful day with the support of their families and the other children from the class who came along to see their friends.

One World Cup Football

Over the past 4 weeks the pupils from 3rd-6th Class have been taking part in a World Cup style competition in school. The competition is being run with the help of Ian Haill, FAI as part of an intercultural programme.

Friday provided us with some outstanding and exciting football matches. With the competition in full swing, next week will see the final group stage matches before the winner of each group goes head to head in the semi-finals in week 5!

In Group 1, Ireland edged out Benin to record a second win in the competition. Meanwhile, Lithuania were clinical in their win over Romania hitting the net 3 times. As a result, Lithuania, with the superior goal difference lead the group, with Ireland in second. Romania and Benin need a win this Friday if there to stand any chance of taking the top spot and a place in the semi- finals.

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An Céilí Mór

Bhí ‘Céilí Mór’ sa halla inniu!


Maths Games 2013

The next round of Maths Games will begin on Wednesday March 6th at 9am for Ms. Whyte, Ms. O’Leary and Mr. Gallagher’s classes.  The children of St. Gabriel’s have shown in the last few years that not only can we have great fun playing Maths games, but that we can also consolidate and develop the Maths skills that we have learned.  We always welcome and appreciate the involvement of parents and hope to see you there!