4th and 5th Class Sculptures

We were inspired to construct these after viewing pictures of sculptures by 20th century Swiss artist, Alberto Giacometti. Giacometti sculpted hundreds of stick people in different poses.His sculptures varied in sizes, from larger than life figures to figures that could fit inside a matchbox!!

We first used pipe-cleaners to create the basic shapes we wanted. The next step involved márla, which we used for the base of our figures. The weight of the márla allowed us to stand our figures upright. It was quite tricky to find a suitable pose to allow them to balance properly. For the final stage we used strips of tin-foil to entirely cover the figures. This gives them a nice polished finish. We hope you like them!

Excellent Attendance

Well done to all the children who were presented with an award for their full attendance in the last term.  Many of these children have worked hard to improve their overall attendance and we hope that in the last term everyone can make an extra special effort to be at school every day.  Well done to all!