Our Trip to Ashtown Castle

By Lavinia (5th Class)

Today we went to the Phoenix Park. We went to visit Ashtown Castle with 6th class. First we left the school and walked to the park. We passed a few things like The Wellington Monument, the President’s house- Aras an Uachtarain, the Pope’s Cross, the United States Ambassador’s Residence, Phoenix Monument, the bandstand and the Peoples Garden.

When we arrived we went to a room where a women told us about how to lift a deer and other stuff. After that we watched a video. It told us about the history of the Phoenix Park. I learned that the park is 1,752 acres and James Butler built the park.

Soon after that, we went to Ashtown Castle. There were four levels. The first floor they used it as storage. The second floor they used it as sitting room. They had holes in the wall so they could shoot their enemies because if they shot from the windows they could get shot. The third floor was their bedroom and the fourth floor was where they were shooting people.

Later on we went to the museum. First we saw a man holding a bird. Second we went into a dark room. Someone gave me a fright but I don’t know who. After that we went upstairs. There I saw a small version of the Wellington monument, Bandstand, Phoenix monument and the other ones- I don’t know which ones.

Then I saw the park it was really small because it was a small version of it. I saw the roads, buildings and some houses.

Finally, we went back to school and ate. I had really great fun today!

Tables Championship Junior Final

Congratulations and well done to all the children from 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class who made it to the final of the annual Maths Week Tables Championship.  The fifteen finalists showed nerves of steel when they competed in front of an enthralled audence, and it took a number of rounds to whittle the fifteen down to the final three.  In 1st place we had Alistair, with Alex in 2nd place and Nicoleta in 3rd, all deserving winners.