Junior and Senior Infants Library

Junior and Senior Infants have started visiting the school library. It has been fantastic to have so many parents come in to help the children choose a book to take home.

While visiting the school library, the children are learning through the experience how a library works – how to borrow and return books and how to use their library cards.

The children are so enthusiastic about the visits to the library. They love talking about their books. Reading for fun is so important in helping the children develop a good attitude and love of reading, and there are so many lovely books to choose from in the school library.

Big thanks to everyone involved for making it such a success already.


A limerick is a funny little poem containing five lines. It has a very distinctive rhythm and rhyme pattern. This week Mr Smyth’s Class wrote some of their own- here are just a few. Hope you enjoy them!

“Tyr on Fire” By Lavinia

There once was a liar called Tyr,

When he lied his pants were on fire,

So he tried to stop,

He became a cop,

Sergeant Tyr and his pants on fire.

“A Boy” By Kacper

There once was a very small boy,

Who sat on a little car toy,

He was not happy,

He had a nappy,

And he sat on a little toy.

“Ryan” By Mateusz and Daryl

There once was a boy called Ryan,

Whose favourite colour was cyan

He didn’t like bed,

He had a sore head,

He couldn’t stop crying- oh Ryan!

The Wonderful Bear By Ana

There once a beautiful bear,

Who liked to have wonderful hair,

He often drank water,

So did his daughter,

That wonderful beautiful bear

The Skinny Lizard By Calvin

There once a skinny lizard,

Who survived a long lasting blizzard,

He went on a mission,

But first he went fishing,

The fish he caught ate the poor lizard!

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