Showing Kindness in Good Friend’s Week

Here in Saint Gabriel’s, we like to start each new school year off on the right foot. We always focus on how we can be good friend’s to one another during the first week of school. And we’ve gotten really great at that over the last few years.

So this year, our focus is on kindness. We are working hard to be kind to our friends and classmates, by doing things like sharing, welcoming our new classmates, helping each other out, and including everyone in our play.

We are also doing activities in our classes to practise new ways of being kind. It feels good to be kind to others and it’s a super way to start the new school year.

Junior Infants on Today FM

Welcome back to all our pupils, and a very special welcome to all our new pupils in Junior Infants and throughout the school. We are all looking forward to a fun year, learning lots of new things, playing, making new friends and trying our best in everything we do.

Junior Infants and their parents had a particularly special first day in Saint Gabriel’s. The children were interviewed by Helen Vaughan from Today FM. You can see lovely pictures, hear their fantastic interviews (they used lovely words!) and even see a short video of them settling into life in their new classroom.

Check out the link here:

First Day in School

Thank you to all the parents who made it to the coffee morning too. It was a great opportunity for you all to get to know one another. Keep an eye on the notice boards and website for more coffee mornings and other activities starting soon.