Mirror Mirror on the wall

Today in 4th and 5th Class we looked at mirrors and lenses. Curved mirrors and lens can be concave or convex.

Concave mirrors can be found on spoons. Did you ever notice when you look in a spoon you appear upside down?

Image result for concave mirror

We used a torch and a concave mirror to see why.

Check out why below in the picture we took.

We also looked at concave and convex lenses.

Check out what happened when shone light through a concave lens and light spread out.

Image result for concave lens


Bright Ideas in 4th/5th Class!

The children in Mr Smyth’s 4th and 5th Class have been learning about Light in Science this month.

Check out the pictures below of our experiment looking at refraction (bending of light).

If you’d like to find out more about Light- have a look at this great video by Bill Nye- the Science Guy: HERE


4th/ 5th Class History: How Cúchulainn got his name

This week the students in Mr Smyth’s 4th/5th Class have been learning about the legend of Cúchulainn and how he got his name. Please check out the great comic strips below which they created about this Irish legend’s story. Thank you!

And if you enjoy them, why not find out more about the story by checking out the cool animation here: