Family Learning Room

Our Family Learning Room is complete!

We are very grateful to ABC Grangegorman for the significant contribution it made to make this very special room possible. It is a space where parents and children will be able to play and learn together.

It has been beautifully painted by Andrew, our hardworking caretaker. Many staff members worked extremely hard to get this room ready for use.

It is well stocked with lots of STEM toys, puzzles, and family games. Parents of Junior and Senior Infants will be invited to come and use the room with their children after the Easter break.

Maths Games are back again!

We’re delighted that Maths Games are going on again in two classes.

Mr. Smyth’s 1st class, and Miss Walshe’s 3rd/4th class have already enjoyed two afternoons of Maths Games and there has been lots of parents in to help out and enjoy the fun in both classes.

There are two weeks of Maths Games left for these classes before the Easter break. We hope to see more parents in over the next few weeks.