Goodbye April, Hello May!

Hello again to all the clever pupils of St. Gabriel’s N.S.  I hope you are all staying happy and healthy and being kind to everyone around you.  I know that the class teachers have really enjoyed seeing your work and hearing from some of you this week.  Remember that the activities we put on the website are optional – you won’t get in trouble with your teacher for not doing everything – and if you are busy with other activities such as playing, baking, drawing, building etc, then that’s a good thing as well!

May Day                                                                                                                              The first of May is called May Day.  It has long been celebrated in Ireland as the start of Summer.  In ancient times people would light fires at sunset on the 30th of April to celebrate the coming season.  Another tradition is for children to pick May flowers (usually primroses and gorse) and some people leave them on the door step of their house.  Today we might do this because it has become a tradition and it looks pretty but in olden times people believed that it would keep away ‘evil spirits’.  Some people go outside on the 1st of May and wash their face in the morning dew (the liquid on the grass early in the morning).  The tradition goes that the dew on the first of May has magical properties and will give good health (and skin!) to the person who washes their face in it.  I had never heard of this tradition until a teacher in the school told me that she does it!  And yes, she does have very good skin and is always in good health so maybe it works.                                            If someone in your family comes from a different part of the world, ask them if their country has any traditions for the first of May.

Writing                                                                                                                               Can you do some writing based on this picture?

Using your imagination, answer the question and tell us How did this banana grow so huge?  If you are in Junior or Senior Infants you can just talk about how it grew to someone in your family.  If you are in an older class then write a few lines to tell us what you think!

Reading                                                                                                                                   I hope you have been trying to get some reading done every day.  It is very difficult at the moment when all the libraries are closed but there are words all around us and sometimes we are reading without even realising it!  From the writing on packets of food, to the work your teachers are giving you, reading recipes and even reading your own free writing, there are lots of opportunities to read.  I know that some children from our school have been downloading books online from Dublin City Libraries  If you are reading a new PM book from school (or any book!) remember to:          – look at the book cover and title first.  What might this book be about?  Make some predictions even at this stage.                                                                                                  – next look through the pictures in the book to get an idea about what the story might be about.  Remember the pictures are all clues to help you.  You might want to change your predictions now!                                                                                                                       – now go back to the start and try reading the words.  The pictures and words work as clues together.                                                                                                                          – try and use your lovely reading voice!

Poetry                                                                                                                                This year the last day of April is Poetry Day Ireland 2020.  Here is a poem about May for you to enjoy.  Could you write your own poem about May or Summer?                                                             


Summer is here 2nd Class!!

Hi Incredibles,

I hope you are all safe and sound at home. Summer is finally here.If you are finding the current situation a little confusing why not read Coronavirus_ABookForChildren which can explain it a bit more to you.

It has been the best week seeing so much of your wonderful work on seesaw. I am so excited because from next Tuesday the 5th of May my chickens are due to start hatching from their eggs. Here are some videos to tell you about the journey I have been on hatching my chickens. I have been keeping video diaries. Have you ever tried creating a video diary?

The Incubator

Adding some water

The Motor

The temperature

Take a look inside

The inside

Nearly ready to hatch

Countdown is on

There are four different breeds in the incubator. They are as follows:

  1. French Copper Maran, a dark brown egg
  2. Cream Legbar, a sky blue egg.
  3. Bluebell, a cream/white egg.
  4. Light Sussex, a light brown egg.

Perhaps you would like to pick a breed and find out some more information about it. Maybe where they originate from, their colour etc.

Here are some activities for you to do at home this week:


  • For the next few weeks we will be looking at compound words. Compound words are made up of two or more smaller words. Try make a list of as many compound words as you can. Here are the 10 compound words for this week’s sentences: 1. suntan 2. notebook 3. inside 4. myself 5. outside 6. birdhouse 7. homework 8. birthday 9. without 10. something

“Storynory” provides audio stories online.

Here are some different ways to try reading: 1.Read with a flashlight (there’s one on most phones) 2. Read with a quiet voice 3. Read with a loud voice 4. Read to your favourite teddy/toy 5. Read outside

  • Free writing

You can choose to write about whatever topic or idea you like. The following are a list of suggestions if you are struggling to come up with ideas yourself:

  1. Diary entries: A day to day entry of life at home and how you are finding the experience.
  2. Recount Writing – Something I did, somewhere I went, my weekend, a holiday I went on, a party I went to
  3. Report writing – movies I have seen, books I have read, my family, my pet, animals, food, football team, football player.
  4. Procedural Writing – How to play a game, write a recipe, list of instructions
  5. Three Stars and a Wish – Write three things you are happy about and one thing you would like to change (good mindfulness activity)
  6. Become an author – write your own story
  7. Become a poet – write your own poem
  8. Write a letter
  9. Designing – birthday invitation, magazine cover, clothes, cake, DVD/CD cover

Gaeilge (Irish)

  • Cúla4 have some great programmes you could watch – the TnaG channel e.g. Cata Hata, Spongebob, Garfield, Clarence, Lurgan2k17.

If you do not have access to TnaG, use TnaG playback online. Search TnaG player, Genre, Young People.

  • Learn some Irish at home with your parents or try and learn a different language on Duolingo


  • Capacity (The amount that something can hold)

Feel free to change the different containers for measuring capacity to suit what is in your cupboards at home. You can write your answers on a sheet of paper at home.


  • Try the Floating or sinking activity where you make a list of objects/things around the house which float or sink. Make sure you make a guess before you find out the results. Take some pictures if you like of your experiment and upload them onto seesaw if you’d like.
  • Design and make a boat which will float in a sink/basin of water.


Try and make something out of toilet roll. Below is a picture to give you some ideas. I would love to see some pictures of your creations uploaded on seesaw if you’d like to show me.


Try bust some cool moves this week on Just Dance

Join Go Noodle where you can join in with lots of different fun and interactive videos.


You do not have to do the work I upload on Seesaw. I will upload some activities for next week today. You may choose to do some of these activities or none of these activities and stick to the work on the website. You do whatever suits you best. You are also not obliged to upload videos, pictures or recordings but I am delighted to see your work if you do choose to upload some to show me. Please do not feel anyway obliged or under pressure. The work is only additional work and is not prescriptive.

I am sure a lot of you are missing family and friends right now. I am missing my family at home in Mayo and my favourite pet; Geronimo my horse. This week Geronimo was so happy to help carry some timber home for firewood. Take a look at some of the pictures and videos my dad, my mum, my brother Fiachra and my sister Sinéad sent me.

Geronimo helping out

Geronimo and his cart

I hope you have a great week ahead. Remember: right now, you are not ahead, you are not behind…you are exactly where you need to be.

Stay cool, calm and care free my incredible 2nd class,

Mrs. Walshe



May Day Work

Hi 5th and 6th class, I  hope you are all keeping well. I have really enjoyed being able to conact you this week on See Saw. You’re all great for doing the different activities. This week we will be doing something a lttle different. I would like you all to make a Time Capsule. A Time Capsule is a way of communicating with people in the futire. This Time capsule  will be something for you to reflect on when you are adults.

As you all know I am dog mad! I’d like to introduce you all to Rogue. She has kept me company during lockdown. She sits on my lap while I read her the stories you have written. Her homework over the Bank Holiday weekend will be learning how to ‘sit’ and ‘stay’.

Enjoy the weekend. I look forward to hearing from you all and I can’t wait to see what you put in your time capsules.

Stay Safe,

Miss Sweetman

Here is the cover of a time capsule. Use this as inspiration to create the cover of your own time capsule. You can use this one if you like too. Those of you who are on See Saw take a picture and upload it for us to see.

Trace your hand on a page and listen to some of your favourite music. How colourful and detailed can you make it? Upload to See Saw if you can.

If you don’t have news papers in the house don’t worry, maybe a parent could help you find some headlines online. Upload to See Saw when complete.

Take your time and draw some pictures of the different things you do at home to keep busy. Upload to See when complete.

Write a  letter to your future self, explain how you feel about staying at home. What are you looking forward to the most? Upload your letter to See Saw when you’re finished. Interview an adult using the above questions. If you are on See Saw you can record using a voice note or video. This could be a lot of fun!