Green Day – Next Friday October 2nd!

As you may remember the children and staff of St. Gabriel’s N.S. had planned to go on our annual Green Walk on the 13th of March, but all schools in the country closed the day before.

Many of you very generously gave and collected sponsorship money for the school – thank you for this. If anyone has any sponsorship money outstanding you can still send it in with your child.

As we can’t go on our walk at present, and to acknowledge the money collected, we will have a Green Day in school next Friday October 2nd. The children can dress in green clothes or wear any green accessories they may have.


Good Friends Week 2020

Good Friends Week

7th 11th September 2020


After an extra-long, unforeseen school closure, children, parents, teachers and staff are so delighted to be back in school this September. Although many aspects of school life are different, the first few days of school in St. Gabriel’s have gone very smoothly due to the cooperation of the whole school community. Thank you all. Every September we love to focus on a theme for Good Friends Week. This year our theme is ‘Be Respectful’.

Parents deserve huge respect for the way you have made adjustments to how we approach school life. You have shown respect for the new routines that we are all getting used to, especially at morning drop-offs and home-time collections. This all contributes to the safe, secure and happy return to school.

This year, more than ever, to be a good friend to those around us, being respectful is of great importance; respectful of space, respectful of belongings, respectful of ideas and opinions. This week, classes will explore, learn about and practise lots of ways in which we can be respectful. Pupils will be given the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions around the topic of respect in order to promote the wellbeing of all in our school.

Pupils have impressed us so much already by displaying wonderful respect for the new school rules and routines. Although it may be a challenge to stay within their own pods and bubbles, the pupils of St. Gabriel’s are respecting the notion of staying together by keeping apart. Well done boys and girls! You are amazing!

 We will continue to encourage this wonderful display of respect during Good Friends Week and throughout our school year ahead.