Christmas Cards

Children at St Gabriel’s are designing their own Christmas cards. They are being sent off this week to be professionally printed. Parents will be informed of different options for purchasing prints of their children’s cards. 

Here’s Ms O Dowd’s class busy designing their cards!


St Gabriel’s Christmas Album

As we are not able to do a whole school Christmas show, this year we are recording an album of Christmas songs, sung by the children of St Gabriel’s. Each class are recording songs in pods, with Mr Whyte and Mr Donnelly helping out with music and production. Everyone is so excited! 

Release date and price will be available soon. 

Have a look at some of the children doing recording below!



Trad, trails, tricks and treats!

We kicked off the month of October dancing to trad music in the yard during our Céilí Mór. It was great to finally celebrate our Green Day!

The children created lots of art using paint. They painted and decorated pumpkins. They also used marbles dipped in paint to make fireworks.

As part of Maths week the children paired up to complete a maths trail in the PE hall. They had to find 20 cards stuck around the hall and answer the questions on them. They displayed great team work and maths skills completing this challenge. At the end of the week they received Maths Week certificates from Ms. Comerford.

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Science Week in 5th and 6th class

Walking on Air

When an individual puts his/her whole weight on one balloon, all of the pressure from that individual is concentrated on one small area of the balloon, which results in the balloon bursting.

When an individual’s weight is distributed over several balloons, the balloons do not burst because the pressure is spread over a large area. As a result, each balloon only supports a small fraction of the weight.