Senior Infants are learning about trains!

Over the past two weeks Senior Infants have been learning all about trains. As part of their role-play, the children pretended to check tickets and work at the lost and found desk. They worked in teams to construct railway tracks and learned many new words associated with trains. They listened to a story called ‘The Train Ride’, which was read by a real train driver! They asked the driver lots of excellent questions about her day. Furthermore, the children used their marvelous imaginations to draw what they might see from the window of a train. Well done Senior Infants!

A ticket inspector checking for tickets

At the lost and found desk

“Oh no! I’ve lost my luggage!”

2nd and 3rd Class Art

2nd and 3rd Class had lots of fun in art this week. We created 3D illusion art using shapes and lines. We began by drawing different 2D shapes. We made these shapes look 3D by drawing lines from the centre of the paper to the corners and edges of each shape. We then coloured in our shapes using different tones to further create the illusion of 3D.

Spooky Scary Skeletons

Halloween came early to 3rd and 4th Class as the children learned about the Skeletal System in Science this week.

Check out these cool resources where you can learn more about the names of the different bones in our skeletons:

3-D Model of the Human Skeleton:

Name and Label the Skeleton Game: