Preparation for our Nativity Performance in Junior Infants


Our two junior infant classes have been very busy over the past few weeks preparing for our Nativity performance. The children have learned all about the story of the very First Christmas.

They have taken on the roles of kings, shepherds, sheep, angels, innkeepers as well as the star, the donkey, Mary and Joseph. The boys and girls have learned songs and actions as part of the show.



Junior Infants enjoyed rehearsing our re-enactment of the Nativity in the classroom before preparing for filming it on our school stage. There was great excitement on the days the children had the opportunity to fit on and wear their costumes!


Although we can’t perform in front of a real audience this year, we look forward to sharing a special recording with our Junior Infant parents on Seesaw this week. Other classes in the school will also have the opportunity to watch the recording on their whiteboards before we get our Christmas holidays on Wednesday.

A special thanks to Mr. Crosbie and Mr. Flanagan for helping with costumes and the filming of our show in recent days.