Have a lovely summer! from Ms Whyte

Hello everyone!

I have really enjoyed our past three weeks of themed activities. All of your efforts for Sports Week, Art Week and Poetry Week have really been fantastic! Well done to all of you on your amazing creativity!

To our sixth class pupils, congratulations on completing your primary school education. I will miss you all, but as Ms Comerford said in her assembly piece last week, we hope to see you at a graduation ceremony in the autumn. Good luck in secondary school and enjoy!

I am still taking lots of photos of wildflowers when I’m out walking the dog so I have obviously included them in this post! As with my website post at the start of May I already knew the names of some of these flowers but I did have to look some others up to find out what they are called. I used the websites http://www.irishwildflowers.ie/ and http://www.wildflowersofireland.net/ again to help me, as well as a flower identification book. I hope I got them right!

The first two photos are of caterpillars gathered on plants. They are eating lots and lots of leaves as they get ready for the next stage of becoming a butterfly or moth. Find out more information here about the Peacock Butterfly and about the Cinnabar Moth.

Finally, click here and volume up to hear the Dawn Chorus. I took this video around 4am one morning when many, many birds were getting out of bed and having a lovely singsong to start off the day!

I hope you all have a lovely summer!

Stay safe,

Ms Whyte

Please note:

For SeeSaw and other internet based activities please ensure your children are supervised while accessing the internet.


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