Junior Infants 11th January 2021

Dear Parents / Guardians,

We hope you are all well and are feeling positive about the weeks ahead. We understand that this may be the first time for many of you to have to face into engaging with schooling from home. We hope to make it as uncomplicated as possible by providing a variety of activities each week. We do not expect you to complete everything that is suggested as we understand that these are exceptional times and each of us have different challenges to contend with at home. Please pick and choose to do whichever activities are best suited to your own situation. Some of you may prefer hands-on or worksheet/paper activities compared to the online activities or vice-versa. Approach them at a pace that suits you and your child.

We would like you to take photographs or short videos of some activities you choose to do and upload these to your child’s Seesaw account where teachers can access them. In doing this, teachers will be able to give feedback by commenting on your child’s work. When the children realise that their teacher can see what they are doing and can respond to it, it usually encourages them to participate in their work at home. You could upload something, via the app on your phone every few days, as it suits you. Perhaps try to upload at least one thing this week to begin with. Parents can message teachers also via Seesaw or by e-mail if you need to.

This unexpected time away from the classroom will give us the opportunity to practise some of the work that Junior Infants have covered in term one.  Each week we will provide you with suggestions for the following:

  • Phonics (letter sounds) to practise
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Reading activities / Online story
  • Some maths / number activities
  • Pages to complete in homework books

We encourage the children to engage in lots of playful activities at home such as building activities, dolls, teddies, cars, jigsaws, playdough, doodling, drawing, colouring and reading/looking through story books. Feel free to share images of these activities on Seesaw also. We hope you and your child enjoy engaging with us over the next few weeks. Do what you can and be kind to yourselves.


Ms. Leonard and Ms. Flahive.

Phonics Practise

  • We suggest practising and focusing on one sound every two days as you’ll see in the table below. You’ll also find a variety of ideas to support this work which should suit a variety of home circumstances.
  • In school, children are encouraged to identify the sound each letter makes, along with the associated action. As you are aware, they also practise writing each letter correctly and enjoy identifying words that contain each sound.
    • CJ Fallon have provided free access to many of their resources for the three weeks. https://slp.cjfallon.ie/
      • We recommend following the link to begin your phonics practise. Please click on the ‘Sounds like Phonics Activity Book A’ and select the sound you are focusing on.
      • You will find an introduction to letter animation, letter formation and mouth position video. These will give your child a nice reminder of each sound before they try the activities and games.
    • We hope to print off and provide a letter formation worksheet that may be used with each sound being practised. We’ll add these to the homework folders which will be available for collection at a specific time from the school this week. Please encourage your child to use the correct letter formation.
    • Additional worksheets from the Jolly Phonics website may be found here https://www.jollylearning.co.uk/resource-bank/cartoonito-activity-sheets/
    • Another website to practise phonics is teachyourmonstertoread.com  (Free and no sign-in required to play on computers). Click on Teachers’ Area > Classroom Toolkit > Monster Mini-games.   .
    • Click on the image below to link to website
      • You will find a variety of fun games to help your child practise reading their phonics sounds.
      • The ‘songs’ section is also a fun way to practise.


    Nursery Rhymes

    • This week we will look at Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill
    • Practise saying each of these rhymes. Do you know all the words?
    • Watch the linked videos to remind you of the rhymes.
    • Record a video of you reciting each rhyme and share it with your teacher on Seesaw.


    Click to link to video

Reading Choice

Online Story Suggestion

  • Click on the image to bring you to the storyonline.net website.
  • Enjoy the story of Clarke the Shark by Bruce Hale

Maths Choices

Don’t forget –

  1. Take pictures/videos of what you do and post them on Seesaw so your teacher can see them.
  2. Read a story or rhyme every day.
  3. Count forwards and backwards every day.
  4. Do some colouring or drawing when you can.
  5. Play every day.
  6. Boys and girls help to tidy-up
  7. Wash your hands.

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