Science Experiment – How Plants Drink

In Senior Infants this week we did an experiment to find out how plants drink. We already know that the roots of a plant take in the water they need to grow, but how does the water get to other parts of the plant?
What did we do?
We got two plastic glasses and half filled each with water.
We added food colouring to the water.
Teacher cut the stem off each plant about 1cm from the end.
We placed a celery stick into each glass of water.
We marked the level of water in each glass with a marker.
We left the glasses for a day in our classroom  and checked them sometimes to see what was happening in them.
What happened?
We saw thin lines of coloured water running the length of the celery stalk. We also saw coloured water in the leaves of the celery.
The level of water in both glasses also dropped.
The coloured water from the glasses has moved up through the thin tubes in the celery. The water is then transported around the plant to the leaves of the celery.

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