Junior Infants 15th-19th February

Hello boys and girls in Junior Infants,

Well done for reaching the week of our mid-term break.  Below are a few suggestions of activities for you to do this week. We’re so happy to see you share what you have been getting up to on Seesaw. Many of you are trying a little bit from our school website, some challenges on Seesaw, lots of fun tasks from the school activity packs as well as your own creative projects and adventurous pursuits. We’re very impressed with all your fantastic work. You and your parents really deserve to enjoy the few days off school work for the mid-term break.

Ms. Leonard and Ms. Flahive.


Video to Support Phonics Practise

Interactive websites to support phonics practise


Reading Choice

Online Story Suggestions

  • Click on the image to bring you to the storyonline.net website.
  • Enjoy the story The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

Nursery Rhyme

  • This week you can practise Little Bo Peep.
  • Practise saying this rhyme. Do you know all the words?
  • Watch the linked video to help you understand the rhyme.
  • Record a video of you reciting the rhyme and share it with your teacher on Seesaw.


Maths Choices

Number Rhyme Suggestion

  • Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Art Challenge

St. Brendan’s GAA Skills

Don’t forget to have a go at the skills demonstrated by St. Brendan’s GAA Club.

You will find the links here and here.

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