One World Soccer Competition

One World Week is a celebration of the wonderful diversity in our school, celebrating the rich culture and traditions of our pupils. There are over 12 different nationalities represented in our school.

The week will consist of a One World Soccer Competition,Table Quiz, and Show and Tell, which allows the children the opportunity to share with their class and the school something they consider special and represents something special and positive about their country of birth or that of their parents.

Soccer World Cup:

The soccer world cup in St. Gabriel’s is for all the pupils from 2nd class to 6th class. The competition is run in association with the Football Association of Ireland (FAI).

Group Games Fixtures and Results

Monday 4th March:

  • Ireland 1- France 3
  • Poland 2- Nigeria 0
  • Scotland 1- Lithuania 5
  • Brazil 1- Latvia 2

Tuesday 5th March:

  • France 4 Romania 0
  • Nigeria 1 Moldova 0
  • Lithuania 0 Mauritius 2
  • Latvia 2 Greece 0

Wednesday 6th March:

  • Ireland 2 Romania 2
  • Poland 2 Moldova 1
  • Scotland 0 Mauritius 5
  • Brazil 0 Greece 1

Friday 8th March

Semi- Finals

Poland 6- Lativa 0

France 2- Mauritius 0


France 4 Poland 2

Bronze Medal Match

Latvia 2- Mauritius 1

Winner: France

Runner up: Poland

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