Christmas Hamper free raffle!

On Friday the 18th of December we will be holding a free raffle for all the children in the school. The lucky name out of the hat will win this wonderful Christmas Hamper!

Our Christmas Advent Calendar

Christmas is a magical time of year and First Class have been enjoying all of the fun and celebrations. To help us count down to Christmas Day we made a classroom Advent Calendar. Every morning we lift a number on our Advent Calendar and complete the fun Christmas activity underneath. We sure have been busy in First Class doing lots of fun activities including playing Christmas games, listening to Christmas songs and telling Christmas jokes. There were lots of laughs and giggles coming from our classroom! Here our some of our favourite jokes:

What does a snowman travel on? An icicle!

Who delivers presents to cats at Christmas time? Santa Paws!

What is green, covered in tinsel and goes ribbit ribbit? Mistle-toad!