Good Friends Week

Welcome back to a new school year. This year, the focus for Good Friends Week is on how we greet each other. One of the easiest ways that we can be friendly to others is by saying ‘Hello’ to those we meet each day. This week the children in St. Gabriel’s will make an extra effort to show how friendly they are by greeting the people they meet in our school and at home.

Each class will explore some of the many ways we can greet others such as by smiling, waving, saying ‘good morning’, ‘hi’, ‘hello’ etc. We are very lucky to have lots of children who have family from all corners of the world. These children will help us to learn how people greet each other and say hello in other languages all over the world. When greeting someone we will try to remember to look at the person, smile and use their name. We will also make sure that we can respond appropriately when somebody says ‘hello’ to us.

As usual, each class will draw up their class charter during Good Friends Week. They will use these as important guides to help ensure that each classroom is a friendly, safe and productive place to be this year.

Mr. Flanagan’s 5th and 6th class will greet their new buddies in Junior Infants this week. They will have a friendly ‘hello’ for Junior Infants and look forward to introducing them to lots of games and fun activities on the playground during the week.

As we have the freedom to open our doors and welcome parents and families back into the school, we look forward to using our greetings during assemblies, seasonal performances and other fun events in the school throughout the school year.

Our Infant classes visit Sea Life Aquarium in Bray

Junior and Senior Infants had a wonderful day out on our school tour to Bray. We travelled there on a double-decker bus. We walked the sunny promenade to get to the aquarium.

There was such an amazing array of sea-life to be seen. We saw lobsters, crabs, sea-stars, urchins, terrapins, big-bellied sea-horses, dogfish and cardinal fish. You might spot some of them in the photos below.

It was very interesting to hear all about the clever octopus named Pat. Some of us saw him figuring out how to open a box to take out his lunch!

We spent lots of time watching the tank of cow-nose rays.

In the final water tank we even spotted some reef sharks!

At the end of our tour of the aquarium we were surprised and excited to meet a pig called Peppa!

We enjoyed a lovely picnic together on the seafront before getting back on the bus to return to school.