Good Friends Week

It’s September again and for our first full week back in school we celebrate Good Friends Week. Our theme for this year is ‘Share a Smile’. It is amazing the power a smile can have. Smiling can help us to feel positive and happy as well as brighten up someone’s day.

Our return to school is always a very special time as we reunite with classmates and also welcome new pupils to our school. Pupils in St. Gabriel’s always make every effort to welcome and include new pupils and staff to our school. A smile is one way to help everyone feel welcome and happy.

During Good Friends Week, classes will draw up their class charters. They will use these as important guides to help ensure that each classroom is a friendly, safe and productive place to be in this year.

Our sixth-class pupils will greet their new buddies in Junior Infants. They will share lots of friendly smiles and introduce Junior Infants to games and fun activities on the playground during the week.

We will award prizes to children in each class who make an extra effort to share a smile throughout the week.

How many smiles will you share?

End of Year Performance!

Congratulations to each and every one, for your exceptional participation in the end of year summer show. Your performances were truly outstanding, filled with delightful songs, captivating poetry recitations, and mesmerising dance routines.
The students from Junior Infants to Sixth class talent, dedication, and hard work were evident in every moment, and they should be immensely proud of their achievements.

A special congratulations to the after school club for their wonderful performance! Thank you to all of our wonderful pupils for their hard work and commitment over the past few weeks.

Everyone should be very proud of themselves.