The Enormous Crocodile

Check out the artwork of 3rd and 4th Class. They have been learning about Quentin Blake- the artist for many of Roald Dahl’s books. Here they recreated a picture of the Enormous Crocodile from the story of the same name.

Artist of the Month in 3rd and 4th Class

This Month’s Artist of the Month in Mr Smyth’s Class is Quentin Blake. The children have been looking at his work in his first collaboration with Roald Dahl in 1978- The Enormous Crocodile. The children have been discussing their feelings about a piece of his work and they have been sticking up little notes around the image with words and emojis to express how they feel about it. Today they began drawing their own version of the picture. Come back again soon to see their finished work!

You can read more about the artist here:

Good Friends Week 2021

6th – 10th September 2021

Each September we like to begin our school year by celebrating Good Friends Week. Pupils discuss with their classmates and teachers the characteristics that make a good friend. Each year we choose one characteristic/theme on which to focus our learning and this year our theme is to ‘Be Considerate’.

Pupils will explore how we can all be more considerate people in the classroom, on the playground and outside of school. We will try to be considerate of the feelings of others. We will consider how our words and actions can have an impact on the happiness of others. This September we welcome lots of new pupils to many of our classes throughout the school. We will consider what it is like to move to a new school and we will try to make it easier for everybody to settle into school life.

The pupils of St. Gabriel’s N.S. have already displayed wonderful consideration for the health and safety of others by respecting and willingly following the rules and routines of our school including the new procedures that have been introduced since the pandemic began. Well done!

As part of Good Friends Week each class will draw up a class charter with guidelines that they feel are important to help each classroom to be happy, safe, and productive places to be this year.

We look forward to putting into practise all we learn this week about being considerate throughout the year ahead and beyond.

Art: Drawing in 3rd & 4th Class

Using the Poem “Accidentally” by Maine W. Kumin, the children used mirrors to examine what their faces look like when they yawn and then they created the most amazing drawings of their yawning faces. Check out our Art display of their work!

Click on the image to view larger image…