Easter Activities

Hello Senior Infants,

I hope you are all keeping very well. I hope you enjoyed and had lots of fun trying out some of the activities from last week!

Just to fill you all in, I have been very busy helping my father on our farm. On Sunday, we got great news….a new baby calf was born. However, we need your help Senior Infants, in helping us to name him. Can you think of a name for our calf?

My father and I are looking forward to hearing your name suggestions.

This week, I have been putting together a variety of activities around the theme of ‘Easter’ that your child may have-a-go at if it suits. Here is a link Suggestions for Senior Infants.

Ms Condron/Ms Hanlon have activities for all EAL children from Senior Infants available here.  

The most important task I want you to do is to play and have lots of fun with everyone in your family. I am looking forward to hearing all the stories about what you are getting up to. Stay safe.

Happy Easter,

Miss Reynolds.

Easter incredible activities

Hi my incredible 2nd class :)

Happy Easter to you and your family. I hope you tried some of the activities and that “every-bunny” wasn’t kung fu fighting over who got to do the obstacle course first for PE!!

A little update of what I have been up to: I have mowed my lawn and created an obstacle course in it. I planted flowers, painted my hall, skyped my mum and dad; there are now 73 baby lambs on my farm in Mayo and there is still more to be born!!! I have decided to start keeping a diary of my time off. Maybe you could too and we could have a diary reading party when we return to school. I am so incredibly excited to hear what you have been up to the past few weeks.

I’m going to give you some really fun ideas of things you can do over the Easter.

Lets change PE up a little. Why not have a family “EGG AND SPOON RACE”. This is so easy.
“Easy option” put an egg on a spoon.
“Challenging option” cut a toilet roll in half and decorate it. Then place it on a runner/pencil case and try run while balancing it!!

For drama over Easter I would love to hear you designed your very own Easter parade with all the teddies, pots, pans, cushions, cereal boxes and anything else funny you can think of in your cupboards. The crazier the better. Why not take some pictures to show us when we are all back together (in the best classroom) in school.

To help students, we have been granted free access to the Grow In Love online series. Simply go to the www.growinlove.ie website and use the following details to login:
Email: trial@growinlove.ie
Password: growinlove

Try make a GIFT BASKET for a brother/sister/mum/dad. In this you could put in something you know they would love to have for a little while. Maybe it’s your favourite book or toy. You could also add a very special Easter card you made. The basket could be made from a cereal box, or it could simply be a special corner in your bedroom where they can pick somethings to play with or use.

Lets make your bedroom a bit more colourful and dramatic. Your whole family can get involved in this one. Try create an EASTER ART GALLERY. Ask everyone to design and draw their own Easter eggs/ bunny rabbits/ Easter parade/chicks or anything that is fun and colourful. Then hang them up on your wall or lay them out on your windowsill.

I hope your animal project is coming along well. Try write up about chickens and rabbits over Easter. Remember to give the animal a name, what it looks like, what it eats, where it lives, any other fun facts about it and finally draw a really cool picture of it.

If you “eggs-cuse” me now I am off to design the first picture for my art gallery. I hope you have an “egg-cellent” Easter and don’t get too “eggs-hausted” with the egg and spoon/ toilet roll and pencil case race.

Remember, I still thinks there is absolutely no “bunny” as incredible as you.

Have fun,
Ms. Walshe the incredible.

Easter Holiday Check-In with Junior Infants

I hope you all have had a good week. It was so lovely to talk to lots of you on the phone during the week. I’m glad to hear you’re all keeping busy and doing lots of interesting activities. You have wonderful imaginations!

Did you get a chance to practise your phonics? I hope you figured out the sounds I suggested you should look at last week! Some of the pictures I wanted you to see seemed to disappear on our website! Oops!

Here they are again. If you want to play some phonics games over the holidays you can look at this website:

  • https://slp.cjfallon.ie/  Please click on the ‘Sounds like Phonics Activity Book A’ and find the sound you are practising.

Online stories - this week’s suggestion    www.Storylineonline.net

  •  Guji Guji by Chih  by Yuan Chen
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter





Website for Religion

To help students, we have been granted free access to the Grow In Love online series.

Simply go to the www.growinlove.ie website and use the following details to login:

Easter Maths Game

  • If you have a dice you could play this game.
  •  If you cannot print the page, roll the dice and draw that many eggs. See who can draw or colour the most eggs.

Try these Bunny Hop patterns.

Easter Colouring

  • Here are a few Easter Eggs you could colour.
  • If you don’t have a printer, you can copy them and draw them yourself.
  • For other Easter colouring follow the link below.







I hope you all have a lovely healthy and happy Easter break with your families. Play as much as you can and don’t eat too many Easter eggs!

Easter Exercises 5th and 6th class

Hello Everyone,

I hope this message finds you well and that you all enjoyed last weeks activities. For most things this week all you will need is a pencil,  a copy book or a piece of paper.

Did you enjoy listening to the next few Chapters of ‘Holes’?.  I miss the great conversations myself and Ms. Fahey had with you about the characters and crazy predictions. I suppose at this stage we would also have to forgive you for watching the movie, “I would have”. If you have though continue to listen to the story and try and spot the differences!

I’d like to wish everyone who has had a birthday while we are off a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Don’t worry I’m sure we’ll sing for you all when we get back to school!

For this years Easter Holidays I plan to complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and try to convince the dogs that they want to go for ANOTHER walk! They run away from me now when they see me coming with their leads.

I have no doubt that you are doing everything you can to help at home. Remember to keep your things nice and tidy and clean up after you finish your activities.Enjoy the Holidays.

Missing you all,

Ms. S

Kite Experiment – Science

Sock Art – Art

Maths Challenges:

Zios and Zepts

 Maths Challenge 2

Easter Poem Exercise - Poetry

Holes Louise Sachar Chap 8-9 and Exercises - Listening Exercise

See you again - Music

Gaeilge Caisc Easter – Gaeilge

I have uploaded many additional activities for you to do on my Padlet if you find yourself looking for something to do:


Please note: For internet based activities please ensure your children are supervised while accessing the internet.


Easter and Spring Activities

Hi everyone,

I hope all is well with you and your family.

Below is a set of activities for the next 2 weeks. The activities are designed to be completed without having to print off worksheets – just using your pencil, colours and copybook. They consist of Easter, Spring and general themed activities.


This is a link to my padlet account. Practise the song Trasna na dTonnta, do P.E with Joe or listen to an online story such as Peter Rabbit and Friends

How to draw an Easter Bunny

Try these: Would You Rather…

live in the sky or under the sea?                                                                                         only be able to whisper or have an incredibly loud voice?                                                    read books or write stories?



RTÉ, alongside the Department of Education, has launched a daily school-style show on TV to support families stuck at home amid the current health crisis.The programme will be aimed at primary school children from first to sixth class.You can watch it on RTÉ2 from 11 am to 12 pm (Mon-Fri).


Website for Religion

To help students, we have been granted free access to the Grow In Love online series. Simply go to the www.growinlove.ie website and use the following details to login:
Password: growinlove


I hope you have fun doing these tasks. Remember to include lots of play in your daily routine such as imaginative play, board games and Lego to name just a few.


Please note: As always, for internet based activities please ensure your children are supervised while accessing the internet.

Happy Easter,

Take care,

Ms O’Dowd