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Junior Infants – Art Week June 2020

Hello boys and girls in Junior Infants,             

I hope you all enjoyed St. Gabriel’s N.S. Sports Week. I was so delighted to see all the photographs and videos of you all out and about keeping active and taking part in a variety of sports and activities. I am so amazed at how creative you have been in designing wonderful jerseys. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the photographs you shared on Seesaw below.

This week we have St. Gabriel’s N.S. Art Week. We all know we have wonderful artists in our school and want to give you lots of opportunities to get creative this week. Lots of the teachers have worked together this week including Ms. Condron, Ms. Hanlon, Ms. O’Leary and Ms. Fitzpatrick to find activities that you would like. I have included some of their ideas here and I will add some of them to Seesaw during the week. We all really hope you enjoy taking part in all sorts of art this week. Some of the things you could try are drawing, painting and colouring, working with clay or dough, printing, construction, working with fabric and fibre. Whatever you decide to do please take a photograph and share it on Seesaw. I would love to display some of your creations on the school website next week.

 Be creative and enjoy Art Week,

From Ms. Leonard.

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Pablo Picasso Facts

  • Pablo Picasso was born in Spain in 1881 and moved to Paris when he was 23.
  • He was a painter and sculptor.
  • He could draw and paint when he was very young. Even as a child he was better than most adults.
  • He could draw and paint in many different styles.
  • His first word was ‘piz’. It’s short for ‘lapis’, the Spanish word for pencil.

To learn more about Picasso click on the sculpture of a bull’s head below to explore the Tate Gallery’s area especially for children. Can you guess what objects Picasso used to create this sculpture?? He used the saddle and handlebars of a bicycle to create it!


Picasso Art Challenge

Draw your own portrait using some of Picasso’s ideas. Have a look at the video below to give you some ideas. 


Henri Matisse Facts

  • Matisse was born in France in 1869
  • He went to school in Paris studying to become a lawyer.
  • When he was ill with appendicitis his mother bought him some art supplies and he fell in love with painting. He gave up his job to become an artist.
  • He was friends with lots of artists, including Picasso.
  • When he was older he got sick again and found it too difficult to paint. That’s when he began creating collages by cutting out paper.

Learn more about Matisse by clicking on Matisse’s cut-out collage called ‘The Snail’ below. Can you see why he called it ‘The Snail’?

Watch the following short video to see the real cut-out masterpieces on display in the Tate Gallery in London. Wait until you see how big they really are! I was amazed! I’m sure you will be too!

Matisse Art Challenge

Click on the linked image below to learn about Matisse and his wonderful paper cut-outs.

You could even try your own cut-out collage as part of St. Gabriel’s Art Week.

Craft Ideas for Art Week

Click here for Ice Cream Cone Craft Instructions

Click here for Hand Print Sunflowers Craft Instructions

Click here for Sunflower Fork Printing Activity

Click here for Minibeast colour-by-number Activities

Below you will find a range of art activities for you to try out.

Click on each of them to link to a pdf file.

Ms. Hanlon created this wonderful choice board for you to try out.

You now have lots of ideas to keep you busy and creative this week. You might even think of some of your own artistic activities. Keep an eye on Seesaw for some bonus arty suggestions for you to get involved in. Please take photographs of what you create and I can share them here on our school website next week. Have fun!

Bubble wrap printing

In the Sunshine Class we painted designs on bubble wrap and printed them onto paper.