Guten Tag from Miss O’Loughlin’s class

This month, we learned about Germany. We read maps to see where the longest river, the Rhine is. We learned about some of the mountain ranges, such as the Bavarian Alps and the Black Forest (which even has a cake names after it).

We listened to the German national anthem and looked at pictures of the Berlin Wall, after it was built at the end of World War II, and when it was being pulled down in 1989. We talked about how it must have been very hard for the people living in Berlin with it there dividing the city.
Did you know that Germany has a very big steel industry? It’s very handy because then they use all that steel to make cars, such as the Mercedes Benz, Volkswagon and Porsche.
We also learned a little about farming in Germany. Their main crops are wheat, barley, rye and sugar beet.
We used all these things we learned to make projects about Germany.