Maths Week Fun in 3rd and 4th Class

This week is Maths Week and there are lots of Maths activities around the school. In 3rd and 4th Class we have been playing games including the Pig Dice Game and Fortune Teller Tables. We also had great fun when we visited the Maths Carnival!

Check out the images below:

Paint & Colour in 3rd & 4th with Piet Mondrian

This month our art lessons are all about paint and colour and in maths we are learning about line and 2-D shapes so Piet Mondrian is the perfect artist of the month for us!

The girls and boys in 3rd and 4th have been learning about Mondrian and his art. Today they tried out making their own Mondrian piece playing with lines (vertical and horizontal) and making both squares and rectangles on their pages. Then using the primary colours only, they had some fun brightening up their pictures. Check out the pictures below!

Parent skills survey

Maybe you are a maths master or an inspiring artist or perhaps you are really good at DIY!

Whatever it is, let us know at the school and if you would like to share this special ability with us in any way.

Many parents have worked with us in the past to make St. Gabriel’s a better school community.

Contact or to give details, or call 0851871173. Thank you!

Uniforms and tracksuits

  • Thank you for your support in contributing used uniforms and tracksuits to the school. We recently offered these to parents. Thank you for your interest.
  • We have no clothes available for older students. The only sizes available are age 5-7/8. We have lots of uniforms and some tracksuits all for younger children.
  • A note has been sent home asking if any parents wish to avail of what we have available. You can contact or 0851871173 for details.