Letter to the class of 2020

To the Class of 2020,
First, I want to say how much I will miss you. I’ve known you all since you were 8 years old, bouncing around my 2nd and 3rd class classroom – reading, thinking and laughing with me. You indulged me when I made funny voices during reading hour or drama. You indulged me when I asked you to practice “one more time” for our great class performances.
I was so happy that our small school meant I got to teach you as your 4th, 5th and 6th class teacher as well. I loved watching you grow and become the marvellous young adults you are today. You made me so happy to be back in the classroom every day with you. You reminded me then (and now) that this is the best thing about being a teacher.

Second, I want to tell you how sorry I am. I’m sorry all the traditions you’ve been looking forward to for years are not happening as planned and for now have been put on hold. I remember watching your faces during last year’s graduation and knowing you were all thinking “Next year, next year this will be us!”

Schools are doing their best to get creative, but I sympathise with you knowing you feel that it’s just not the same. You’re right. It’s not the same and it is not fair. But we can always hold on to our wonderful memories that we have made over the past 4 years.
It is the class of 2020 that will have an amazing story to tell. You’re all a part of history.
During this pandemic, you’ve been using the technology  to raise your voices and share your ideas. You’ve been part of a Sports Week, Art Week and Poetry Week, as well as doing other weekly challenges. You’ve expressed yourselves in so many different ways and it’s been really enjoyable.
When you are older and look back on this time I hope that you will be proud of how you all moved forward with respect for each other and embraced the challenges ahead of you. Because, really, that’s what all the ceremonies and rituals you’re missing out on are—expressions of deep love, gratitude and affection.
You have laughed, cried and learned with each other for years. You’ve sweated in classrooms during tests, celebrated your victories and made it through the drama of table quizzes, football finals and our Christmas extravaganzas.
Finally, I want to say thank you. Thank you for being such an incredible class. Fun and inspiring, silly and intelligent. You not only made me a better teacher, but you made me a better person. I’ll always be grateful I got to spend four years of our lives working with you and getting to know you. I am excited to see where you go next. I wish you all the best in Secondary School.
Good Luck on your journey and don’t be strangers.
Your teacher, Ms. Sweetman 


Collection of Children’s Books & Resources

As the end of the school year has arrived, the teachers and SNAs have been busy in the school building organising all the books, copies, Art work, etc. that we had to leave behind in March when the school closed. These items will be available for collection – along with your child’s school report for this year and other information letters – in the playground/yard (where the children line up in the morning) at the following times:

Thursday 25th June:

  • 9:30 – 11am:      Junior Infants (Ms. Leonard)
  • 11:30am – 1pm: Senior Infants (Ms. Reynolds)

Friday 26th June:

  • 9:30 – 11am:      2nd Class (Ms.Walshe)
  • 11:30am – 1pm: 5th/6th Class (Ms. Sweetman)

Monday 29th June:

  • 9:30 – 11am:      1st Class (Mr. Smyth)
  • 11:30am – 1pm: 3rd/4th Class (Ms. O’Dowd)

As you will understand there are a number of guidelines that we all must follow in order to stay as safe as possible at this time.

  • Please do not try to enter the school building.  All your child’s resources can be collected from the yard where the children normally line up in the morning.  We ask that – where possible – only one adult from a household comes to the school.
  • Cones will be used to mark a distance of 2 metres so that parents can line up safely when waiting to collect a pack.  Please stick to the allotted time for your child’s class to avoid too many people congregating at the same time.
  • Where a child may have a brother or sister in a different class, the siblings’ packs will be available to collect together. (For example if you have a child in 1st Class and a child in Junior Infants, both packs will be available to collect on Thursday from 9:30 – 11am at the designated time for Junior Infants)
  • If you are unable to come to the school at these times, we will send the documents (report, school calendar, information letter) by post to you.  Please contact the office if you need to avail of this option.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this unusual situation!

Amazing Art Week!


Hello 5th and 6th class,

Congratulations once again to all of you for participating in St. Gabriel’s first ever ART WEEK! You all did a wonderful job. I can’t wait to hear the results of the Art Competition. It’s going to be very hard for Ms.Hanlon, Ms.Condron and Ms. Fitzpatrick to pick a winner.

This week it is Poetry Week. Usually we would all be in the hall listening to and enjoying  the different poems we have written. Mrs. McGarrity, our annual guest of honour, would also  be reading a poem to us all. However, this year,  Ms O’Leary and Ms. O’Loughlin have been very busy organising different activities for you to do to make sure that you dont miss out! They have been saved to your Poetry Week Journal on See Saw. I have no doubt that you will really enjoy them. 

Enjoy your last full week in school. I miss you all very very much !

Ms. Sweetman


Outstanding 5th and 6th class!

 Congratulations to all the boys and girls in 5th and 6th class for participating in Sports Week 2020. Everyone made an outstanding effort. We had bike rides, swimming, karate, obstacle courses, dancing, yoga, stretching, sack races and egg and spoon races. Everyone was on the go all week! 

When we were not doing sport we were drawing different sporting activities, exploring the heart and how it works, how to take our pulse, hand signals for riding our bikes safely on the road and a very challenging escape room! Congratulations to this weeks Quiz Winner Michael Angelo!

I have attached some of the fabulous pictures you sent in below.

Next week is Art Week!!! Ms. Condron, Ms. Hanlon and Ms. Fitzpatrick have organised some lovely activities for you to do. Keep an eye out for a competition too. As usual your work can be posted to See Saw.

Thank you to Ms. Hyland and Ms. Fahey for a great Sports Week!

Enjoy your weekend everyone! 

Stay Safe, Ms Sweetman

Sports Week!

Hello 5th and 6th class,

The response to Flower Power week was absolutely fantastic well done!  I have shared a few examples of some of the amazing activities you’re doing!

Normally we would be celebrating Sports Day at this time of year! As you all know it is my favourite day!! So as a school this year we are celebrating Sports Week!!! Yes!!!  A whole week of sport, I’m so excited!!!

Sports week activities will be uploaded to See Saw for everyone to enjoy! Photos and videos of Sports Week can be uploaded to See Saw!

Enjoy your week!

Ms. Sweetman