Collection of Children’s Books & Resources

As the end of the school year has arrived, the teachers and SNAs have been busy in the school building organising all the books, copies, Art work, etc. that we had to leave behind in March when the school closed. These items will be available for collection – along with your child’s school report for this year and other information letters – in the playground/yard (where the children line up in the morning) at the following times:

Thursday 25th June:

  • 9:30 – 11am:      Junior Infants (Ms. Leonard)
  • 11:30am – 1pm: Senior Infants (Ms. Reynolds)

Friday 26th June:

  • 9:30 – 11am:      2nd Class (Ms.Walshe)
  • 11:30am – 1pm: 5th/6th Class (Ms. Sweetman)

Monday 29th June:

  • 9:30 – 11am:      1st Class (Mr. Smyth)
  • 11:30am – 1pm: 3rd/4th Class (Ms. O’Dowd)

As you will understand there are a number of guidelines that we all must follow in order to stay as safe as possible at this time.

  • Please do not try to enter the school building.  All your child’s resources can be collected from the yard where the children normally line up in the morning.  We ask that – where possible – only one adult from a household comes to the school.
  • Cones will be used to mark a distance of 2 metres so that parents can line up safely when waiting to collect a pack.  Please stick to the allotted time for your child’s class to avoid too many people congregating at the same time.
  • Where a child may have a brother or sister in a different class, the siblings’ packs will be available to collect together. (For example if you have a child in 1st Class and a child in Junior Infants, both packs will be available to collect on Thursday from 9:30 – 11am at the designated time for Junior Infants)
  • If you are unable to come to the school at these times, we will send the documents (report, school calendar, information letter) by post to you.  Please contact the office if you need to avail of this option.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this unusual situation!

Sports Week 2020 in 2nd Class!

Well done to 2nd Class for their incredible participation in Sports Week 2020!!

Some amazing sporting activities took place this week from football, basketball, rock-paper-scissors tag, scooting, cycling, hula hooping, skipping, running, egg and spoon race, art work, Irish reading and writing, maths activities, reading sport related stories, creating mascots and many more.

A big thank you to all the family members who took part in all the fun activities!

Take a look at the pictures to see all the fun that was had.


2nd Class – 22nd May 2020

Hi 2nd Class,

As you are all now set-up on Seesaw I will upload your activities there from now on. Please login to access the activities there.

You are all doing incredible work uploading beautiful art work, recording fantastic reading, writing descriptive sentences, challenging yourself at maths, putting a lot of effort into history and geography projects, trying different science experiments, reading and writing as Gaeilge, coming up with imaginative ideas for drama, practicing your singing and staying active doing different indoor and outdoor fun activities for PE. Every day Ms O’Leary, Mrs Condron, Ms Hanlon, Ms Dunne, Ms Fitzpatrick and I look forward to seeing the wonderful work you upload. Please continue to upload your fantastic work for us all to see. If you have not uploaded something yet, challenge yourself, let this be the week you do!

It is really important to remember in order to access material on Seesaw it is vital to have given parent’s consent to Mr. Donnelly our HSCL teacher via e-mail first.

Pop over to Seesaw now and take a look at this week’s activities.

Have a fun-filled and safe weekend,

Mrs. Walshe

Let’s continue this fun way as we are over half way in May!

Hi 2nd class,

What a roller coaster of a journey we are on this year. I can’t believe it has been 65 days since the 21 of us have had our usual laughs and antics in the incredible 2nd Class room! This Saturday I would love for you all to clap 65 times for Zofia, Oliwia, Karina, Cormac, Alex, Dawid, Oliwier, Drex, Jack, Maximilian and Oliver who were supposed to be receiving their First Holy Communion on this day. We will have the most incredible time when we do celebrate this momentous and joyful day.

Here are a list of activities for the week ahead:



  • List as many words as you can that are “au” words. Then check did you think of any of the following ten “au” words.

1. aunt 2. pause 3. August 4. laugh 5. fault 6. author 7. sauce 8. haunt 9. because 10. launch. Put the 10 words into sentences and then try what is in the picture below.

*Remember to use adjectives (describing words like big, green, tall) and try make your sentences even longer than last weeks.*

Reading: This will be assigned on Seesaw. Please continue to do 20 minutes of reading each day. This can be done in your reading hut, in bed at night, at the kitchen table, or even on the grass. This week why don’t you change it up a little and read somewhere you would never have imagined reading before! Feel free to send a picture on Seesaw or write a message describing where you came up with.

Writing: I hope your free writing is going well. This week I would like for you to write and draw about if you won 2 million euro. What would you spend the money on? Where would you go? Would you share it with anyone?

  • Remember the below list of suggestions I gave you two weeks ago. Continue to work through these also.
  1. Diary entries: A day to day entry of life at home and how you are finding the experience.
  2. Recount Writing - Something I did, somewhere I went, my weekend, a holiday I went on, a party I went to
  3. Report writing – movies I have seen, books I have read, my family, my pet, animals, food, football team, football player.
  4. Procedural Writing – How to play a game, write a recipe, list of instructions
  5. Three Stars and a Wish – Write three things you are happy about and one thing you would like to change (good mindfulness activity)
  6. Become an author – write your own story
  7. Become a poet – write your own poem
  8. Write a letter
  9. Designing – birthday invitation, magazine cover, clothes, cake, DVD/CD cover

Maths: Money

  • Try setting up your own shop using coins up to the value of  €1 and pretend to sell somethings to your family members. Make sure you give them the correct change!

Gaeilge (Irish): An Teilifís (Television)

An Seomra Suí (sitting room), lampa (lamp), pictiúr (picture), tinteán (fireplace), fón póca (mobile phone), tine (fire), tolg (couch), bláthanna (flowers), ar an mbord (on the table), Bran (Bran), printéir (printer), cuirtíní (curtains), ríomhaire (computer), sa chúinne (in the corner), teilifís (television)

Picture 1: There is a cartoon on television. Picture 2: The news is on television. Picture 3: There is a sports programme on television. Picture 4: There is a nature programme on television. Picture 5: There is a circus on television. Picture 6: There is a music programme on television.

I will do a voice recording on Seesaw to help with pronunciation and answering the sentences.

  • I would love you to play charades with the different television programmes; act out the programmes without talking and get someone to guess what they are in Irish.
  • Remember Duolingo is a great website to help you learn Irish or any language.


South Africa

  • Take a look at a map of South Africa. Try fill in the names of the countries in South Africa on the blank map here.


Music/ PE (Dance):

Waka Waka

Try practice dancing and singing this every day this week.

Please upload some/all of this work onto Seesaw so I can see the wonderful efforts you put into doing it. You can simply take a picture and upload it onto Seesaw. It does not have to be under a specific activity. Please remember that in order to access Seesaw your parents should have first ensured they gave consent via email to Mr. Donnelly. However, if you choose not to engage in Seesaw and the uploading of your work please keep it together so I can see it when we return to school.

I hope you all have an incredible week ahead. I am off to make a list of things to do this Summer based on the suggestions you uploaded onto Seesaw. Some of your ideas were amazing and some of them were absolutely crazy; but I will be brave and give them a try! You didn’t go easy on me!! ;)

Stay safe and sound,

Mrs. Walshe :)