Our visit to DIT Grangegorman

Our visit to DIT Grangegorman

By Ryan

On November 26th, my class and I went to DIT Grangegorman to do lots of exercise. First we got our high-vis vests on then our jackets and we were off.

On our way down we saw a bike shop. It was very big. After that, my friend Klajvis and my teacher Mr Smyth talked about football.

Then we were finally in Grangegorman. First we had to sign in by name and age. Next Jim and Colin brought us upstairs to a room to play musical statues. I danced funny. After that we went to the gym.


I ran on the treadmill.My speed was 9.1 km/hour. Next I went on the bike machine. I kept going fast and slow. Time was nearly up but before we left we got on our high-vis vests. Eventually we were on our way home. But before that we took a sneak peak at the Art Competition in the Students Union. My friend Klajvis, Lavinia and AJs posters were amazing! Last we took a photo and went home.


Our Trip to DIT Grangegorman

By Ajay

Today our class walked up to the DIT at Grangegorman for College Awareness Week. When we arrived we waited awhile at the door of the gym. Finally it opened and we went in.


The people were called Colin and Jim. First we wrote out name and age on a piece of paper. Finally we went upstairs. First we played musical statues for about 10 minutes.


Soon after that, we went into the gym. I went on the rowing machine. Then I changed to the fish game. It was also my favourite. Then I went on the arm exercise machine. The most score I made on the machine was 89. Soon after all of our class went to the Students Union to see the entries for the College Awareness Week. I really liked our trip and I hope we can return soon.

College Awareness Week Digital Art Competition

Next week is College Awareness Week.

Some of our pupils entered a Digital Poster Competition to promote this special week.

Please take the time to vote for Lavinia H, Alex P, Asha N, Maria S and Ajay.

Go to www.collegeawareness.com and click Primary, then Vote Here.

Best of luck to them all. Voting closes next Wednesday 19th November.

A super day of Maths Games

Three classes started Maths Games this week – Ms. Condren’s Junior Infants, Mr. Gallagher’s 3rd/4th class, and Ms. Turley’s 6th class.

Huge thanks to all the parents, grandparents, siblings and past pupils who came along to join in the fun and help out. It was a huge success. One parent even came twice!

There’s always room for more volunteers so please get in touch if you can make the time to come in. The games will be available for you to try out in Anna’s room over a cup of tea or coffee. It’s always great fun and the children love having other adults visit their class.

Ms. O’Leary’s class will be joining the fun in two weeks aswell.

A special visit at Monday’s assembly

On Monday in assembly, Miss Ní Daltúin, the principal of St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Stanhope Street, paid us a visit.

She was very impressed with our lovely manners, our beautiful singing and how well we listened. But there was another reason for her visit. When some of the 6th class girls attended the Open Evening in Stanhope Street in October, they entered a Maths Competition – and they did fantastically!! Not one, not two, but three of them got a certificate, and two of those lucky girls also won a prize – a One Direction set.

Thanks so much to Miss Ní Daltúin for coming to our assembly, and well done to the three girls.