Ancient Egypt

Mr Smyth’s Class are studying about Ancient Egypt.
Check out more about Ancient Egypt here on this website about its timeline:

Learn about the Egyptian Gods here:

Learn more about the River Nile here:

Poles Apart!

Today 4th/5th class were learning about Magnetism and the greatest magnet of all- Planet Earth. Check out the experiment they designed themselves to make their own compass using only a basin, some water, a plastic tray and a bar magnet. With it they showed how the north pole of the magnet will always move to the direction of the earth magnetic north.You can read more about Magnets HERE:

Parent and Teacher meetings this week

Every November in St. Gabriel’s we invite you, the parents, to come into the school and meet with all the relevant teachers that work with your child/children.  We  have found that holding these meetings at this stage of the year allows our teachers to get to know their pupils and observe any progress, but also allows the parents and teachers to work and plan together for the coming year.  Both class and support teachers will be available for these meetings.

Meetings with parents will take place on Tuesday 10th and Thursday 12th of November.  Please check the time and day that you have been assigned.  The meetings will last for ten minutes so we ask that everyone arrives for the time that they have been given.

Children will go home at 2:15pm on Thursday 12th October to facilitate these meetings.  We look forward to welcoming all of you at some stage over the next few days.