Maths Games are back again!

We’re delighted that Maths Games are going on again in two classes.

Mr. Smyth’s 1st class, and Miss Walshe’s 3rd/4th class have already enjoyed two afternoons of Maths Games and there has been lots of parents in to help out and enjoy the fun in both classes.

There are two weeks of Maths Games left for these classes before the Easter break. We hope to see more parents in over the next few weeks.

Maths Games are Back!

Maths Games started again in two classes this week.

Miss Reynold’s Senior Infants have Maths games on Monday mornings from 9:00 – 9:45am until 11th February.

Miss O’Dowd’s 2nd/3rd class have Maths games on Tuesday afternoons from 1:30 – 2:30 until 12th February.

Parents/guardians, grandparents are invited to come and join the fun for one of the sessions! We’d love to have some of you in each week to help out and enjoy the games.

Other classes will have their turn after the February mid-term break.

A super day of Maths Games

Three classes started Maths Games this week – Ms. Condren’s Junior Infants, Mr. Gallagher’s 3rd/4th class, and Ms. Turley’s 6th class.

Huge thanks to all the parents, grandparents, siblings and past pupils who came along to join in the fun and help out. It was a huge success. One parent even came twice!

There’s always room for more volunteers so please get in touch if you can make the time to come in. The games will be available for you to try out in Anna’s room over a cup of tea or coffee. It’s always great fun and the children love having other adults visit their class.

Ms. O’Leary’s class will be joining the fun in two weeks aswell.

Have YOU got Maths Eyes?

Calling all parents and guardians…

Next week is Maths Week (13th – 17th October) — a week we really celebrate here in Saint Gabriel’s.

WE NEED YOU!! Get Involved!

Activities for you to get involved in —

Have you got Maths Eyes?

Come on a walk on Tuesday 14th October, leaving Anna’s room 9am. We will take some photos of examples of maths in the area, that your children can then use in their classes. Refreshments afterwards!

Maths Games

Help us beat last year’s record for the most adults playing Maths Games on Wednesday 15th October in the PE Hall at 9am. Refreshments afterwards.

Encourage your child to have fun with maths at home—try out some fun maths websites, or use everyday maths and bake something together.




What a great and busy first few weeks we’ve had back at Saint Gabriel’s – and not just the children!

Maths games are up and running this week in Senior Infants, Second Class and 4th/5th class. We are so lucky to have parents involved in every class – a huge thank you to them all. It’s not too late for any other parents, guardians, grandparents, or other family members who are available to get involved. Just contact the class teacher or Anna to find out more. There are still three weeks of fun in maths to go in these classes.

Our exercise regime is now taking effect too. Monday’s walking group has started and we hope more and more of you will come each week. It’s a great way to start a Monday morning. Angelica’s aerobics class is already popular on a Wednesday morning. Bootcamp in Stanhope Street starts on Friday. You can go straight there for 9:30, or meet at Anna’s room at 9:15 if you’re not sure where to go.

Cookery classes start back next Friday October 3rd. Please let Anna know as soon as possible if you would like to join.

Parent/teacher class meetings have been a great success over the last two weeks. They were a great opportunity to meet with the class teacher and find out how things work in your child’s class. Miss Turley’s 6th class meeting will now be held next Tuesday 30th September at 2pm.

We were also delighted to welcome Smithfield Boxing Club into the school for a demonstration for the children last week. See the notice boards for details on classes if you are interested in more. It’s another super way to keep fit.

Remember to keep an eye on the notice boards for other classes going on, or contact Anna directly if there’s something in particular you’re looking for.